My Sephora VIB Sale Picks a la 2015

Hi guys! I wanted to share what I have my eye on for the Sephora sale that started today (for VIB Rouge members). I won’t be making an order till later this week because right now I am actually in the process of moving and I need to wait until I have a more solid shipping address.

I usually pick up expensive skin care during the sale, and this year the Sunday Riley Ceramic Slip cleanser tops the list with the Peter Thomas Roth Irish Mud Moor Mask in second.

As far as makeup, I really only have the new shades of the Clinique Cheek Pops on my list (after long consideration I decided I would much rather enjoy this amazing formula instead of try out the NARS Dual Intensity blushes, since I prefer less shimmery blushes). It’ll be hard, but I’ll try not to buy all eight new shades at once. Oh, I also need one of the new Hourglass Bronzers, which are available now online for Rouge Members.

What are you eyeing? Or what new makeup/skincare/haircare are you interested in? My list for the sale this year is short, so I could use the inspiration. Happy Monday!

My Favorite Long Lasting Lipstick Tip – Line, Apply, Blot, and Reapply

NARS Audacious Lipstick in Anita

I am always looking to extend the wear of my lip products (its one of the reasons I love lip liner). My favorite way to extend the wear of a lipstick just takes four easy steps.

1. (optional) Line your lips and fill in the whole lip. This can really give your lipstick a good base and define the shape of your lips (or if you’re me, its a chance to overdraw my top lip).

2. Apply lipstick from the bullet. I am a firm lover of using a lipstick bullet to apply, but apply how you like (I find applying from the bullet gets the best amount of product on and keeps the lip line from being too stark and harsh, but thats just my preference). I coat the lips and then do that smush together business to really rub the product into my lips.

3. Blot. I use a tissue and press it onto my lips to remove extra product. Don’t just do this once, keep folding the tissue and blot till the lipstick is matted down.

4. Reapply. Now reapply the lipstick from the bullet, smush, and go about your day.

wearing Bite Beauty Butter Cream Lipstick in Heather

What tricks do you use to prolong he wear of your lipstick? I used this trick this past weekend with NARS Anse Soleil lip liner and MAC Crosswires lipstick. My bold pinky-coral lip lasted through brunch and shopping without smearing or fading. If you try this tip, please let me know! I hope it works as well for you as it does for me.



A Life Update – I’m Moving!


Hi guys! I wanted to write this post so I don’t just disappear without any warning. Heres the deal, I’m moving to Seattle for work in about a week (give or take).

I got a great new job opportunity, but it does mean that I have to (literally) move from one side of the United States to the other. Because of all the work, and time, and craziness that comes with moving, I won’t be able to post as much for the next few weeks (I hope to be back to posting daily in about 2 weeks). I should be posting some shorter stuff (tips and tricks, that kinda stuff) intermittently, when I do you’ll get an email (if you’re subscribed, which you should be!) and I’ll post it on my Instagram (which you should be following as well, here). Plus you’ll be able to see my moving and life situation on Instagram (plus hopefully gorgeous shots of Seattle).

I’m sorry to be disappearing, but things are about to get really crazy on this side of the keyboard. I’m also going to be nomadic once I get to Seattle, so I’ll let you know what my plans are once I figure out what life is like. My new job has 50% expected travel and I don’t actually have a place there yet (yes, I am only looking at apartments and all that once I get there, note that this is NOT a great plan if you are a born worrier, which I am). As you can see, this is going super well already (gosh I have so much to do!).

Thank you so much for your understanding! If you have any posts you want to see, I would love to hear about it. I could use some ideas. Right now I am eyeing the new shades of the Clinique Cheek Pop blushes and the NARS Dual Intensity Blushes (which have seemed too shimmery so I’ve held off but now I’m not so sure…so indecisive). I hope you are doing well! Thank you so much for reading :)

Three Charlotte Tilbury Eyeshadow Color Combinations

Charlotte Tilbury Fallen Angel, The Sophisticate, and The Uptown Girl Palettes

I have a few Charlotte Tilbury palettes in my collection now and I a got a request to do some color combinations using multiple palettes. This way, if you have some of these palettes in your makeup drawers you can mix and match.

I did three color combinations, and I’m calling them that because I swatched shadows together to show the color story. You can apply these groupings of shadows in multiple ways, but I’ll also be telling you how I would apply the shades. Cool? Lets get started.

from the left: The Sophisticate Prime, The Sophisticate Enhance, Fallen Angel Enhance, The Uptown Girl Smoke

The first color combination is an everyday taupe/silver eye with a darker purple tone in the outer corner. I would use The Sophisticate Prime under the brow with The Sophisticate Enhance in the crease as a base for the look. Then Fallen Angel Enhance would go all over the lid with The Uptown Girl Smoke used in the outer v to darken and define some. You can also wear this combination as a purple smokey eye by using The Uptown Girl Smoke all over the lid and tap Fallen Angel Enhance just in the center of your lid for that gorgeous pop of brightness.

from the left: The Sophisticate Prime, The Sophisticate Enhance, Fallen Angel Pop, The Uptown Girl Smoke

The second color combination is a bronze smokey eye. I use The Sophisticate Prime and Enhance under my brow bone and in the crease respectively (I use this for every look, its the prefect starting point). Then Fallen Angel Pop all over the lid (gorgeous) with The Uptown Girl Smoke in the outer v. A bronze everyday smokey eye is a staple eyeshadow look of mine, and to make this one more daytime appropriate I take out The Uptown Girl Smoke. You can also add in The Uptown Girl Prime in the center of the lid over Fallen Angel Pop (I love adding a bright shadow to the center of the lid).

from the left: The Sophisticate Prime, Enhance, The Uptown Girl Prime, Enhance, Smoke and The Sophisticate Smoke

The last color combination is a great everyday eye look. I start with my base, The Sophisticate Prime and Enhance under the brow and in the crease. Then place The Uptown Girl Enhance all over the lid (love a good purple/taupe shadow, you can also swap out The Uptown Girl Prime all over the lid) with The Uptown Girl Smoke in the outer v (can you tell I love The Uptown Girl Smoke?). Apply The Uptown Girl Prime to the inner corner/tearduct area to brighten and open the eye. To add even more depth, I like to add The Sophisticate Smoke into the very outer v, but that step is kind of extra.

I find the cool tones in these three palettes work beautifully together, but I also wanted to show you guys an option with the beautiful warm bronze in Fallen Angel. You can always use Fallen Angel Smoke instead of The Uptown Girl Smoke, if you aren’t as into purple tones (or you can use The Sophisticate Smoke, use all the smokes!!). There are really so many options, but these three color ways are my favorites. I hope this was helpful! Let me know if you have a way you love to mix these colors, I would love to try it out.




Giorgio Armani Si Perfume is Somehow Strong and Light

Giorgio Armani Si Rollerball

In my search for a Spring/Summer fragrance I fell in love with Si, the newest perfume from Giorgio Armani (its not that new, I’m just late to this great scent). I got a rollerball (like I prefer to with a new fragrance) so I can try it out (plus its easier to travel with!).

This scent has a musky blond wood as its base (figures). I love that the wood/musk scent is in there since I prefer warm, sultry scents. These base notes keep the fragrance full-bodied and grounded since the top notes are florals (not sweet or sickly, but fresh and airy) and blackcurrant nectar. The fresh notes of the florals make this a lighter scent for me, and I love how refreshing it is. The blackcurrant nectar adds something unique and different and there is some vanilla in there as well. Together they add some more warmth and a tiny bit of sweetness.

I really love this fragrance, its sultry and feminine with some light freshness. The combination is really unique to me and it isn’t jarring, but harmonious and lovely. You can get a 0.34 oz rollerball for $28 or a 3.4 oz bottle for $115 (there are sizes in between, but I like to try a scent in a rollerball and then if I love it I will buy a large bottle since its the best value) at deparment stores, Sephora and online.

The rundown: A


Formula X The Sea Glass Polish in Whirlpool is Stunning and I’m in Love

Wearing Formula X Whirlpool (picture taken after wearing this polish for three days, you see any chips? I didn’t think so.)


Formula X has a collection of the sand type finish polishes (those ones that dry matte and grainy? you know what I mean?). The fun aspect of the Formula X version is that they have sparkles (which Formula X says is volcanic micro glass, very cool no?) and the finish isn’t super grainy, its more of a fine grain (nit picky I know) which I prefer.

After I saw the display for these in Sephora I actually got three (Whirlpool which you can see here, Deep End, and Starfish). The finish of these is so unique and beautiful on the nails, I am completely obsessed. Its not shockingly different since the grain/sand is fine, so I don’t feel uncomfortable wearing it at work (like I do with some glitter polishes). I also find the wear on these is impressive for a chunky-er polish, I got tip wear after a few days but I only took the polish off after five days of wear. It hadn’t come off a whole nail or clumped off in sections, it was basically still on with some more tip wear when I removed it (one of my nails was chipping, but thats because I forgot I was wearing a gorgeous nail polish and bit it, so completely my fault there).

Whirlpool in Different Lighting

Whirlpool comes off as a grey-blue on my skin, but depending on your skin tone it can come off as more purple. I really love that its a beautiful soft grey, I don’t know why, but I just love the color. The colors in this collection range from a nice nude (Seashell) all the way to a fun and bright teal (Marine, and yes I am eyeing this one next). I swear I’m going to end up with all of these. I love em. The great finish, colors, and wear time is just a winning combination for me. I like polishes that are a bit different, but working in a more serious/professional environment makes it difficult, the finish on these adds that something extra without going over the top.

You can get Formula X Sea Glass polishes at Sephora and online for $12.50.

The rundown: A+


Make Up For Ever Ink Liner is My New Liquid Liner Love

Make Up For Ever Ink Liner

I am a daily liquid liner user, and while I have been writing this blog I have been a devoted user of pen liners (everything from Revlon Colorstay Liquid Liner to Kat Von D Trooper) but I actually learned how to do my liquid liner using these ink well/pot style liners. Lately, I have been getting sick of how quickly pen liners can dry out and how they can (not always do, to be clear) lack pigment. I found myself unhappy with the liquid liners I had open and so (of course) I made a trip to Sephora and got the Make Up For Ever Ink Liner.

Make Up For Ever Ink Liner Swatched on my NC/NW20 Skin


The Make Up For Ever Ink Liner is a ink well/pot style liquid liner with a long, fine tip which makes it easy to use. The tip is also in that sweet spot where its flexible enough to hug the lash line and stiff enough to get a good flick (its very tricky to do both well, let me tell you). The pigment is rich, depositing ultra black matte liner. I also love how this formula is more liquidy (thats a word, right?) than a pen liner, so there is more play and manipulation (if you don’t do liquid liner daily you might not enjoy this feature).

Wearing Make Up For Ever Ink Liner

You do have to dip the nib back into the pot between doing each eye (at least) but I find that pen liners can dry out and then I need to draw on the back of my hand to get it going again, so its not really all that cumbersome (in retrospect). I love the matte finish, I have always preferred the matte black set that gels set to while most liquid liners dry more glossy, but gel liners are kind of a mess (for me, but this is very personal) and I prefer liquids (easier to work with for me).

This liner really covers all the bases for me, it lasts all day too (note that I am not prone to smudging with my eye makeup). It is a bit hard to get off (this stuff literally gets all over my face when I take it off, some of the places I find it honestly astound me, it gets everywhere!) but I just use plenty of makeup remover and it eventually comes off.

You can get this liner at Make Up For Ever stores, online and at Sephora for $23.

The rundown: A+

Completely random aside, I have been obsessed with these two videos (one which is quite nerdy, and two which is quite catchy). I know they are relatively popular, so you may have heard of them already, but I just wanted to share. I know they are quite silly, but I just love them. Let me know if you like them, and I hope you don’t mind this little aside.