NARS Madrague Eyeshadow Duo is Neutral Perfection

NARS Madrague Eyeshadow Duo

NARS Madrague eyeshadow duo is this years Portobello, only more useful. I always go back to minimalist eye makeup (for me that means little shadow and my wings, can’t be without the winged liner) in the Fall. I like to focus on beautiful, flushed skin once the weather starts to cool. Then once Winter rolls out the smokey eyes bust out (best part of the year).

I think its a bit odd, you would expect minimalist makeup to be big during the summer, but I don’t know. Something about Fall just does it for me. I grabbed Madrague since I kept wishing for a matte cream (which I am finding I now use everyday) and an easy crease shade (though bronzer works well too). You can grab this duo and a pretty single and call your eyeshadow look done. Its great. Its so easy!

NARS Madrague Duo Swatched on My NC/NW20 Skin

I find Madrague perfect. It has the two colors I use every day, no matter what look I do on my eyes. I always reach for a matte cream and a warm light brown crease color. Having them both in a nifty little palette just makes doing my eye makeup so much easier.

I do think the shades only work if you are fair/light skin toned. Both shades are very light, so I think they would look ashy on darker skin tones. I find the formula of these shadows amazing. Both shades are creamy, smooth, blendable and, long lasting. The mid tone brown is a bit powdery, but looks nice on the skin. You just have to be careful to tap off your brush.

wearing Madrague on my eye

If you reach for neutrals every day to pull an eye look together, I highly recommend this duo. Its a staple you will reach for day after day. One of those under appreciated products I can no longer be without.

You can get this duo at NARS counters, online and at Sephora for $35.

The rundown: A


4 thoughts on “NARS Madrague Eyeshadow Duo is Neutral Perfection

  1. This is my most used eyeshadow duo, ever. I don’t use it on it’s own, but I use the darker shade to blend out the crease and the lighter as a highlight every day. The duo is also SO much better than the corresponding shades in the Narsissist palette.


  2. I will have to try this! Does NARS make a similar duo that leans cooler? Cool tones look more ‘natural’ on me. I love their single ‘Namibia’, a medium, cool grey, as a blending shade. I really like the formula and the color, greys like that are hard to find.


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