Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation is Some Kind of Magic

Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation in Fair 3

As a lover of Charlotte Tilbury makeup (I love just about everything I have ever tried from the brand) I had to try the Magic Foundation. Especially since I am a foundation lover (I have way too many open, just because I love trying them) and this is a natural/semi-matte finish, medium to full coverage foundation which is basically the description of my perfect foundation.

Out of the gate, I love this stuff. It is thicker in texture (which I like since it catches less on dry patches than those super thin formulas) and dries down and sets (which I enjoy as someone with oily skin). I love the medium coverage, which is exactly how much I wear for everyday. I find sheer coverage foundations don’t cut my overall redness enough. A medium coverage evens my complexion but I still need to go in and use concealer for acne, so its not a mask. Its just my happy foundation coverage place, and everyones is different.

Okay, to the proof in the pudding. Pictures of me with and without this on are below. In the image with the foundation on, you can see the finish of it on its own, no powder or concealer. Its matte but not flat (aka, my kind of stuff).

bare face!
wearing Magic Foundation applied with fingers (my go-to way to apply all foundation)

I find this lasts beautifully on my skin through a work day, with needing to blot around twice a day (this is the average number of blots/day for me). I am very oily in my t-zone and cheeks, and I have not yet encountered a foundation I don’t need to blot (and I actually think it would dry the rest of my face out and make it look leathery, so blotting is okay by me). The good thing is that this doesn’t separate or fade/disappear in a patchy, obvious way. It holds up. Since this is a foundation that “sets” down, I do find this can collect in fine lines (like the smile lines around my mouth), so I don’t know if its really suited to mature skin, at least without proper moisturizing or primer first. For an idea of how this foundation layers with concealer and some powder, heres a shot of my final makeup.

all done up and ready to go to brunch

Overall, I think this can be made to work for skin that is mature or normal with the right primers or highlighting products. But it is one of those foundations thats sets and lasts which always goes over well with the oily skin set (aka me).

For reference I am about an NC/NW20 and I wear the shade Fair 3. You can see in the pictures above that its a great match. I have been thinking about getting Fair 2 since I like bronzer, and that would give me the ability to get the whole highlighted look with less effort (do you guys want a post on this weird thing I do? I do it all the time, you get a foundation thats a touch light and use bronzer/contour where you want depth and boom, you have a highlight and contoured face, easy peasy, no extra lighter concealer layer needed so you get to wear less makeup).

You can get this foundation at Charlotte Tilbury counters, online, at Nordstrom and at Beautylish for $44.

The rundown: A+ (this baby is in the foundation rotation club)