My Favorite Fresh Sugar Lip Treatments

The Roundup of Fresh Sugar Lip Treatments

To this day my posts on the Fresh Sugar Lip Treatments get the most views. I know I am not alone in my love for these, so I wanted to round up my favorites into one post. All of these have come up in past posts but, I just wanted to get together my favorite shades, in case you were looking for color suggestions. I wear these all the time since the formula is comfortable on the lips and the pigment level is perfect.

swatches from the left: Tulip, Passion, Coral, Petal, Rose, Honey

My first favorite is the nude, Honey. I really love this nude but, it is more of a brown nude. I find it very flattering on.

wearing Fresh Sugar Honey

My second pick is Rose. This is by far my most worn shade. Its just a tint really, less pigmented than the others in this post but, it really amps up my natural lip color.

wearing Fresh Sugar Rose

Next, Petal. This one is a pinky shade that I find comes off a bit more matte than other Fresh Sugar Lip Treatments. Its still very moisturizing, it is just a noticeably different texture.

wearing Fresh Sugar Petal

Now were getting to the fun colors. I love Coral which is a bright reddy coral. Its just stunning, plus it doesn’t hurt that I love coral colors. I always bust this out in the summer and I find it really complements the yellow and olive in my skin.

wearing Fresh Sugar Coral

Fresh Sugar Passion is my pick for the fall. Its a beautiful plum/pink shade. I find dark colors can look unflattering on my thinner lips, but this color is still pink enough that I don’t lose lip thickness.

wearing Fresh Sugar Passion

Last is my most recent. I picked up Tulip this summer and I have to say I’m still in love. Its a bright blue based pink. I have been obsessed with this kind of color all summer.

wearing Fresh Sugar Tulip

What about you guys? What colors do you love? Do you own any of these?


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