Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Concealer Brightens Under Eyes Masterfully

Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Concealer in Y23

With all the hype around the Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Concealer I hunted around until I found my shade in stock. I’m about an NC/NW20 in MAC and Y23 works really well for me under my eyes. Its brightening on but not so light that you get the quintessential reverse raccoon effect.

The concealer is very smooth and blends in amazingly well. It glides over the skin. I find it doesn’t make my under eyes look dry or cause my mascara to transfer or smudge around. Its the perfect consistency for use under the eyes. I don’t have bad under eye darkness, so I use this shade alone but MUFE also came out with pinky toned correctors with this launch that will color correct blue/purple under eye color. First you would use the pink toned concealer to correct and then layer one of the yellow toned concealers over to cover any discoloration.  The applicator is a rounded plastic nib with a very small hole, you squeeze the tube to dispense some product and then I tap it in with my finger. In true MUFE fashion, this product is super pigmented, so you only need a tiny amount. Thanks to how blendable it is, this product is still very easy to use, even with the super high pigmentation you never get under eye product build up. This means I never get a cakey or heavy makeup looking under eye area when I use this. The look is very clean and subtle, but brightening.

This is very brightening on me, so while I love this for under the eye, I wouldn’t use this anywhere else. Because of how brightening it is, it will draw attention to anywhere its used. So you could use this for highlighting the face but I would not cover a spot with it, it’ll just make the spot more evident.

Overall, I really love this. I think its great for under eye concealing. Its now a part of my everyday concealer routine. You can get this at Sephora and online for $27 in both pink and yellow tones.

The rundown: A+



Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Foundation is Worthy of Everyday Use

Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Foundation

I grabbed the Make Up For Ever (MUFE) Ultra HD foundation when I first saw it. The release of this foundation has been well advertised and I was really excited to try it. One of my all time favorite foundations is the Mat Velvet+, so I had high hopes for this one.

The idea of this foundation is that its optimized for more advanced HD cameras. As a result, the foundation is meant to disappear into the skin. It also claims to provide medium coverage, be long lasting and, dry to a natural finish. The description of this foundation also states that its hydrating on the skin, with a time release formula to suit every skin type.

This foundation pretty much delivers on all its claims (honestly). It has beautiful medium coverage in one layer but is buildable to full coverage if you add another. With the added layer the foundation still looks beautiful on the skin and natural. This one doesn’t go cakey. The foundation is thin in consistency and feels weightless on the skin. I agree with the natural finish, but I always use powder anyway (oily skin for the win). As far as long lasting, I still get oily in my t-zone (but I always do). I find if I pair this foundation with a primer, powder and, setting spray (which I do with most foundations anyway, my oily skin eats foundations) it lasts all day on me (9-10 hours), which is fabulous. This also doesn’t go patchy or break up when I get oily, which is key for me. Basically, this is a killer everyday foundation.

The one thing I did notice is that its not really hydrating (in my opinion). Its what I would call comfortable on the skin, neither drying (matte foundation style) nor hydrating (tinted moisturizer style), its just nice and in the middle which should work well for most skin types. I did notice that when I had dry flaky skin this did catch onto the dryness, so if you are prone to flakes or rough skin, this might not be the best.

I’m going to come clean. I have been having a rough time with my skin lately which is why you haven’t seen a shot of me without makeup in some time. Most of the marks you will see in the picture of me below are hyperpigmentation left over from a period of particularly bad acne (cheeks and chin, these are purple). Just a heads up. I do have some active acne on my forehead (these are red). At least you’ll have a great idea of the coverage this foundation has.

bare faced
Wearing MUFE Ultra HD Foundation, one layer on my whole face and an extra layer on my cheeks to really cancel out the redness

I really love this foundation. Its stellar, and I highly recommend giving it a shot. If you have oily skin, you can use primers or other add ons to prolong the wear and suit your skin. I really see this working for all skin types. I would suggest getting a sample (of course) to try it out first. There are 40 shades, so finding the right one could be time consuming (there are so many options!).

You can get this foundation at MUFE stores, online and at Sephora for $43.

The rundown: A

Travel Makeup – The Overpack Edition

the overpack situation

I am an old hand at traveling, and you can see plenty of posts on my tips for packing light. This time though, I decided to go ham. I’m also on the road for two and a half weeks this time, so that also contributed. For me, thats a pretty long trip.

Charlotte Tilbury The Sophisticate, Fallen Angel, First Love, and Bitch Perfect. Too Faced Cocoa Powder Foundation, Medium Bronzer, and Natural Eye palette . NARS Amour blush, eye primer, Radiant Creamy concealer. Bite Beauty Heather and Fig. Hourglass Brow Pencil and Veil Primer. Urban Decay All Nighter spray. Kat Von D Tatto brow and liner. Make Up For Ever Ink Liner. Maybelline Lash Sensational mascara.

The only thing that didn’t make this shot is the Make Up For Ever Mat Velvet Plus (holy grail foundation). I went bananas on the blush and eyeshadows, because right now I am feeling a bit uninspired with makeup (ideally the YSL Avante Garde palette will help) . I’m hoping I can shake some of my complacency loose while I am away (so I packed lots of options to inspire some creativity), and I brought some products to review as well.

Chanel Charming Palette. Charlotte Tilbury Sex on Fire. YSL Avante Garde palette. Hourglass Ambient Blush palette. NARS Final Cut blush.

I made sure to get a bunch of travel sizes of my favorite products, like the Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray and Hourglass Veil Primer. I took a foundation (MUFE Mat Velvet Plus) thats compact and in a plastic case. The powder I brought (Too Faced Chocolate Powder) with doubles as a powder foundation and a setting powder.

What about you guys? Are you overpackers? Or do you only bring bare bones? Do you bring more color (eyeshadow, lipstick, blush) or base products (foundation, primer, concealer)?

Make Up For Ever Artist Palette Volume 1 – Nudes You Need, but Really?

Make Up For Ever Artist Palette Volume 1 – Nudes You Need
Make Up For Ever Artist Palette Volume 1 – Nudes You Need



I kept seeing pictures of this palette on Instagram, and eventually I caved in since it looks stunning. The palette has nine shades in satin, iridescent, metallic, and diamond finishes (diamond aka glittery). The shadows are all from the permanent MUFE shadow line, which is nice since if you finish one pan you can grab a replacement. The shadows are all almost full size, 0.06 oz each instead of the 0.07 individual pan size. Considering these are almost full pans, the price of this palette is a steal since individual shadows run from $21 a pan to about $14 a pan (when you buy the shadows in the 3 pan palettes).

Swatches From the Left: I-528, I-514, ME-512, S-556, D-562, ME-644, S-102, I-544, D-652

I really like the mix of cool and warm tones in this palette. I love mixing them in an eye look to add interest and dimension. The real transition color I have been using in this palette is S-556 which, is a cool taupe. My favorite shadow has to be D-562, its a gorgeous rose gold glitter that I saw very little fall out with.

Wearing S-556 in the Crease, D-562 on the Lid and D-652 in the Outer V



My issues with this palette are mostly due to the lack of matte shades, which I kind of figured going in. I really love mattes, and I missed them in this one.


I have two other gripes, there are three very light shimmery shadows located in the top row of the palette. I find them pretty redundant.

Lastly, I am not a huge fan of the new MUFE shadow formula. I am definitely in the minority as most people love the formula. These shadows are very creamy, and I find that the texture just doesn’t give me that yummy makeup feeling. I know this is a personal thing, but after I use my NARS, Charlotte Tilbury, or the new YSL shadows, I just love the look of my makeup. For some reason these just don’t do it for me. I mean, they are far from bad shadows, they just don’t make me excited. There is virtually no fall out, they are beautifully pigmented and blendable, I just don’t like the creamy thing.

Wearing MUFE Artist Palette Volume 1 – Nudes You Need on my Eyes

You can probably tell I’m not crazy about this palette, but its really a good palette, its just not my style. You can supplement it with some mattes (if you find you want them) and the shades are nice. Its just not something I’ve fallen in love with.

You can get the Artist Palette Volume 1 – Nudes You Need at Sephora, online, and at MUFE stores for $42.

The rundown: B


The Products I’ve Been Using for my Flick

Marc Jacobs Highliner in Blacquer

I love the formula for the Marc Jacobs Highliners, but I don’t line my waterline often, so I’ve been using this liner in a bit of a different way.

I’ve been using this pencil-gel hybrid as my winged liner by pairing it with a gel liner brush. I first draw the pencil directly onto my lid in a thin (as thin as I can get it) line at the base of my lashes. Then I smooth it out with the liner brush (make the liner thicker at the outer edge of your eye if your’e into that cat eye thing).

Then I add a bit more liner dabbed on my outer corner (you can skip this next step for a classic, clean liner look with just a line across the lash line that gets a bit thicker at the outer corner). I use my liner brush then to work the product I’ve added to my outer corner into a wing (I use my brush like a liquid liner pen, pull out a line and then drag the product back to your lash line to create a triangle and fill in). It works really beautifully with this liner since the creamy formula is easy to work with, like a gel (but mega long wearing). I use the Make Up For Ever 250 liner brush.

If you guys want to see this eyeliner application technique in action, let me know, I’ll do a video on it. The internet at my hotel isn’t all that great, so I haven’t been uploading videos (its fantastically slow to upload), but I’ll see if I can whip something quick up.

What do you guys think? Have you ever tried this technique for winged liner?

Make Up For Ever Step 1 Skin Equalizer Redness Correcting Primer Rocks My Socks

Make Up For Ever Step 1 Skin Equalizer in Redness Correcting

When the new Make Up For Ever Step 1 primers came out, I didn’t know which one to pick. They really rocked out and came out with 10 different primers based on various skin concerns. I, like most people probably, have more than one skin concern (and I generally just want to try all the makeup, beauty blogger problems) so this made for a bit of an internal dilemma. I ended up with the Redness Correcting Primer since I do deal with a good bit of redness (and I didn’t want to try the mattifying primer since my skin has been dryer since I started using retinoid, but thats usually my go-to).

I’ve been using this primer for about three weeks now, and I really like it. I don’t really see the redness correction part, once I blend this into the skin it just kind of disappears and leaves no color on the skin. Which is a good thing, but I don’t see a reduction in redness.  I don’t really mind, since I love how this primer performs in every other aspect. I just wanted to let you know, maybe if you have a little redness this will help, but my skin is pretty red.

MUFE Step 1 Redness Correcting Primer Swatched (not blended in) on my NC/NW20 Skin



This prolongs the wear of my makeup, keeping my oily areas less oily and my drier skin more hydrated. Its great at balancing out my skin (I get dryness in some areas since I started using a prescription retinoid daily). I love how it both absorbs oil and hydrates, which is an impressive combination. This primer contains dimethicone (which is a silicone based polymer, the “cone” on the end of ingredients tells you if there is silicone in the chemical structure), so it smooths and fills in over texture in my skin, which looks great, let me tell you. I always get nervous about primers with silicones since they can clog pores and cause breakouts and I am acne prone. I haven’t seen any breakouts since I’ve been using this (except for my normal hormonal acne, which is frustrating, but nothing new).

I really love this primer, it works, and works well (just be aware, if you have acne prone skin or sensitive skin, there is silicone in this one). I think I might try the Yellow Primer for radiance or maybe the Smoothing one next. The fun thing with these is you can try out various ones to see which suits your skin needs best. I kind of want to try mixing in the new Cover FX Custom Cover Drops with these (once I find a Sephora with my shade in stock, I hate that, why is your shade always out of stock!?). You can get 1 oz (same size as a foundation) of these primers (select the Skin Equalizer that best suits your skin) at Sephora, online, and at Make Up For Ever for $36.

The rundown: A+



Whats on my Vanity – Moving and Living in a Hotel Edition

the bases – NARS Tinted Moisturizer and Smashbox Studio Skin Foundation

I’m going to run through what I have been using daily. If you haven’t been around here lately, my life is kind of in limbo/upheaval at the moment. I am in the process of moving and I am currently living in a hotel.

the primers – MUFE Step 1 Redness Correcting Primer and Smashbox Primer Water

I am using this makeup for a while, so I kept two things in mind. First, I wanted products I know work and that I love. Products I can count on. Secondly, this isn’t a quick trip, I am going to be using this mini-makeup collection for over a month, so I packed less makeup. This is a bit counter intuitive, but it allows me to buy new makeup products to add in and keep things interesting without overloading on products when I don’t have a way to store them (not all products in my mini-stash are shown here, just what I have pulled at the moment).

the setting powders – NARS Light Reflecting Pressed and Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush Flawless Finish

I made sure to take a tinted moisturizer and foundation so I can vary the amount of coverage based on what I’m feeling that day. I took a medium coverage foundation since I enjoy those the most (over say sheer or full coverage). I really only took powders I love, I’m pretty hard to please when it comes to my powder, so I rely on what I love heavily (note how close/at pan these are).

the blush and bronzer – Hourglass Luminous Bronze Light, NARS Final Cut (LE, sorry!), Charlotte Tilbury Sex on Fire and, NARS Laguna

You’ll see some new products mixed in here from the last couple of weeks, and I am planning on doing reviews soon.They keep me from getting bored or sick of my mini-stash.

the small essentials – Hourglass Arch Brow Pencil, NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer, NARS Eyeshadow Primer, Maybelline The Falsies Flared Waterproof Mascara, MUFE Ink Liner

These small essentials are the products I don’t usually have variety in, I can use these everyday for a month and be content. They are don’t – leave – home – without – me products.

the eyeshadow palettes – Charlotte Tilbury The Golden Goddess, NARS God Created Woman, Dior Cuir Cannage

I made sure to take lots of small neutral palettes, which are my favorite. I pulled out the bronze shades, I’ve been in that mood, you know?

the final touch – Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray

Moving and starting a new job means lots of long days. Between work and trying to find a place to live, long lasting makeup is a must. I love Urban Decay All Nighter, its the only setting spray that I’ve found actually prolongs the wear of my makeup. It works and I need it.

What have you guys been loving lately? I just found out I will be in Taiwan for the last two weeks of May for work. I expect I will be stocking up on beauty products from the region, so if you guys have any recommendations, please share them! I would love to know.