NARS Dual-Intensity Eyeshadows Haul and Review

My NARS Dual-Intensity Eyeshadow Haul

When these first came out, I was on the fence. I don’t usually go the extra step of wetting an eyeshadow brush to get added intensity. When I saw them in store and swatched them, well as you can see, I took a couple home with me. Even without wetting a brush, these shadows are amazingly pigmented, creamy and, without fallout (like magic!). They are stunning. The finish is high shine with micro glitter that makes the lids appear wet, its very modern and editorial looking but in colors for everyday (its amazing). I (of course) grabbed the quintessential neutral colors, but I have my eye on adding the navy blue, Giove, to my collection.

the shades I have swatched from the left: Andromeda, Callisto, Dione, Himalia, Subra

I find most of these don’t need to be applied wet, but Andromeda and Subra are less glitter more sheen than the others. I swatched Andromeda wet and dry side by side so you can see how the sheerer shades change when wet.

from the top: Andromeda dry and wet

I found that Callisto, Dione and, Himalia are all very pigmented dry. They are all also that beautiful glitter-high shine finish (which I’m obsessed with). Callisto shows up almost purple-chrome on me (its stunning) and very brightening on the eyes. Dione is more of a gorgeous taupe (which I reviewed separately last week) while Himalia is a bronze (love it). I feel like these shadows turn a slightly different tone based on your skin tone, so if you can I would suggest swatching in person.

wearing Callisto on my lid

Andromeda and Subra are more sheeny than glittery and both are sheerer when swatched dry. Andromeda is a beautiful cream with pink duo chrome and Subra is a deep brown/purple which is just stunning for the outer corner. I really love Andromeda for the inner corners, its still very illuminating but the pink tones give it an almost understated glow.

Andromeda is in my Inner Corners

All these shades are shimmery/glitter or sheeny, so I find its very important to have a good matte crease color around (at least). I have been pairing NARS Portobello with all these shades and its been coming out beautifully. I love using my fingers with these which provides great color payoff or a good stiff flat shader brush. With either method I see very minimal to no fallout. For Subra I like applying with a finger and then blending out with a brush. For Andromeda I have been using a small detail brush for when I am applying to my inner corners.

NARS Portobello – Gotta have some Matte!

I find the price of these pretty steep (even for what they are) but I am in love with how they look on the lids, so I’m shelling out. Its really up to you if you think these singles are worth the rude $29 a pop, but if it says anything I am planning on getting another one soon (I’m such a sucker).

You can get these shadows at NARS counters, online or at Sephora for $29 each.

The rundown: A+



4 thoughts on “NARS Dual-Intensity Eyeshadows Haul and Review

  1. Oh no, I’ve been determined to avoid these, if only because my makeup stash is threatening to outgrow the perfect organisation system I worked out a couple of months ago. But these Look so stunning, especially Dione.


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