Mentioned in My 2013 Favorites: Benefit Dallas

Benefit Boxed Powder in Dallas

This is one of my favorites blushes. Which is fairly obvious from the title, but I just had to mention it again. Its kind of perfect. Its one of Benefit’s boxed powders, which is a blush range I love in general. Dallas is my favorite though. It just gives an effortlessly natural flush to the cheeks.

Benefit Dallas

Its a plummy-bronze-peachy mix with a touch of shimmer. A very small touch, its not enough to draw attention to pores or make you look glittery. Its just a really nice, natural glow.

Benefit Dallas Swatched on my NC/NW 20 Skin

This blush is one of those that goes with everything. Its easy to blend and, its hard to apply too much. Its such an amazing starter blush, especially if you are nervous about blush looking too harsh. Its just beautiful, and I love it.

wearing Benefit Dallas on my cheeks

You can get this blush online and at Sephora for $28. I think its worth every cent, this blush is just beautiful!Have you guys tried this blush? Do you have a favorite blush?

The rundown: A+, and favorite status.

10 thoughts on “Mentioned in My 2013 Favorites: Benefit Dallas

  1. Hey Natalie, this one looks great on you! I’m with Bella. Coralista really didn’t rock my world (so frosty). I keep meaning to try another Benefit blush or two, but haven’t really decided on which so far.


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