Chanel 5 Colors Palette (Ombres Matelassees) in Charming has Charmed my Heart

First, I just want to thank my boyfriend for getting me this palette for Hanukkah. He’s the best, and not just because he buys me nice makeup.

Okay, on to the good stuff. This palette is just gorgeous, cats out the bag, I love it.

Chanel 5 Colors Palette in Charming

The colors range from a light champagne to a inky taupe. Its not really black, its more a purple/taupe/ink kind of color. It makes me think of octopi. Anyway, the range is kind of perfect, and arranged from light to dark makes it easy to see how to use the palette.

swatches on my NC/NW 20 skin

The colors are gorgeous. The beige and bronze are the most shimmery with the midtone brown and the ink color being matte. The dark brown has a bit of something to it, but it definitely not shimmery, maybe more of a demi-matte situation. All the colors are pigmented, smooth, and easy to blend. I really really love this palette. It has all the basic colors you need, and in such a compact space, its pretty perfect.

all the colors on my eye

For the picture above I used the beige shimmer all over the lid with the matte brown in the crease and the two darkest shades to deepen my outer corner. The bronze is under my lash line (but I also love using it all over the lid, its so pretty!).

wearing Chanel 5 Colors Palette in Charming on my eyes

Now, while this palette is stunning, and is now a hardcore staple in my eyeshadow lineup, its wicked expensive. Like honestly, $80!? That comes out to $16 an eyeshadow. So unless you have some extra money burning a hole in your pocket, I would suggest doing what I did. Put this little baby on your gift list, and let someone else treat you to a charming experience.

You can get this palette for a limited time (drat) at Nordstrom, Chanel counters or online for the aforementioned arm and a leg ($80).

The rundown: A+


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