NARS Crime of Passion Eye, Cheek & Lip Palette

Happy Hump day everyone! Today I am reviewing a new palette from NARS (I love NARS, this purchase was inevitable). I think its actually really great, and prefect for Thanksgiving (or Chanukah).

Crime of Passion Palette in my hand for scale

This palette has everything you need to do a whole look, which I love, since its perfect for traveling, or throwing in an overnight bag, or purse. The colors are straight up classy, pretty makeup which is right up my alley too. Its a double decker palette, like those red buses, but full of makeup instead of tourists (a great improvement in my opinion).

top deck, eyeshadows from the left: Naiade, Jezebel, and Pandora with gloss in Deep Throat

When you open the palette you are welcomed by a trio of neutral shadows. Naiade is a gorgeous all-over shimmer shade (which I absolutely love) and would also work as a face highlighter. Jezebel is my kind of brown, it has a but of shimmer, but nothing too crazy, but its warm. It has a beautiful red undertone, and if you didn’t know already, those browns are my jam. Pandora is a matte black, which is great to have (serious staple product) but this one is a bit hard to blend and can come off patchy, but with some work it evens out. I just wish it was smoother.

lower deck, from the left: Deep Throat Blush and Laguna Bronzer with Deep Throat gloss

Once you lift the top layer (you can pull it up from the indent in the front used for the closure) you find a blush and bronzer duo in Deep Throat and Laguna. I love both of these cheek products. Deep Throat is a pretty peachy/pink that is great for smokey eyes since its light on the pigment. Laguna is one of my favorite bronzers since its a true brown and doesn’t look muddy, it has a bit of shimmer, but its not very noticeable on the face.

swatches from the left: Deep Throat Gloss, Laguna Bronzer, Deep Throat Blush, Eyeshadows in Pandora, Jezebel, and Naiade

There is a gloss included that spans both levels. Its a limited edition color in Deep Throat which I really like. It has a brush applicator and is shimmery peachy/pink nude (like the blush its named after). I like that its a bit sticky, since I think that keeps it around longer, but this is just personal preference.

the complete look using Crime of Passion

I love the looks this palette makes, I used Naiade all over my lid with Jezebel in the crease and Pandora in the outer V. Then Deep Throat and Laguna are on my cheeks with Deep Throat gloss on my lips. I would wear this to Thanksgiving dinner since its pretty low key and the gloss is easy to reapply after I’ve stuffed my face (its gonna happen, lets be real).

close up of the eye look

You can get this palette for $59 at NARS counters or online, and I think its worth it, I just love the packaging and the products inside.

double decker action!

The rundown: A



2 thoughts on “NARS Crime of Passion Eye, Cheek & Lip Palette

  1. Very pretty, polished look on you! This palette is exactly like the Laura Mercier Colour to Go , but I bought that one in Natural Nudes and literally threw it in the trash. It was terrible quality and much too warm. This one looks much better. But I’m all done buying these now ;).


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