Drunk Elephant Skin Care or My Current Skin Care Routine

A few months ago I decided to switch up my skincare routine. For reference, I have acne prone, oily skin. I struggled a lot last year with acne, but I’m hoping now that I am settled in Seattle it’ll be easier to manage. I started by picking up the C-Firma Day Serum. I have been using a vitamin C serum in the morning for ages, so I figured I would try out this one to test out the line. I really love this, I don’t find it sticky and I have seen my skin brighten with time. I also grabbed the Umbra Sheer Physical Defense, which is a daily SPF 30. I wanted to incorporate a SPF into my daily routine, and this one is really lovely (plus it has marula oil in it, so its hydrating enough to use alone in the morning, no extra moisturize step). I have oily skin and I get clogged pores easily so I was nervous about using a daily SPF. This one is fabulous, it doesn’t clog my pores (aka cause breakouts) and it sinks in really well so my makeup goes on top beautifully. I find my foundation doesn’t break up with this underneath during the day either, its great. After loving those two, I took the plunge and got all the products in the line. I have actually really enjoyed using bar cleansers. The morning one is called Juju which is exfoliating and lovely. I just wet my face and rub the bar directly on my skin (then I work it in some with my hands). Its a great gentle exfoliator and never leaks!

Morning Routine From the Left – C Firma Day Serum, Juju Bar Cleanser, Umbra Sheer Physical Defense

The nighttime routine is similar in construct. You start with a cleansing bar then a serum and follow with moisture. The whole line has marula oil in it (Thats the reason the brand is called Drunk Elephant. Story goes that in Africa elephants will eat marula fruit which then ferments in their stomach and they get drunk, irrelevant, but very fun.) which is supposed to be anti-aging and calming for the skin. Anyway, at night after I take off my makeup I start with the Pekee cleansing bar. I lather this up and massage the lather into my skin. Then I use the T.L.C. Framboos Glycolic Night Serum, which is amazing! This is a glycolic and lactic acid serum which exfoliates the skin for brightness, acne treatment and anti-aging. All of which I will take. This works like magic as a spot treatment if you have acne and also brightens and fades acne spots. Its so good. It does leave the skin a bit tacky, but I top it with the Virgin Marula Oil, so the tackiness doesn’t bother me. I usually try to apply this around 30 minutes before I apply the Virgin Marula Oil, I find I get better acne treatment that way. The Virgin Marula Oil is super hydrating and doesn’t clog my pores. Since I started using it, I find my skin more balanced. My forehead and chin aren’t as oily and I don’t have dry patches anymore. It isn’t heavy to me, so I don’t get bothered by the feeling of it sitting on my skin, you only need a few drops to get great hydration.

Nighttime Routine from the Left – Virgin Marula Oil, Pekee Cleansing Bar, T.L.C. Framoos Glycolic Night Serum

I know this is a lot of information, but I love the results. My skin is breaking out less and my acne scarring is fading. My skin is more balanced and calmer. I have less patchiness and smoother texture to my skin. I would highly recommend any of these products, they’re great! I think its good to incorporate them in slowly to see if they work for you. At first I was just replacing a serum and a month later I owned the whole line (plus its easier on the wallet). Its really slimmed down my skin care routine. I used to have tons of steps, but just three in the morning and night are simple and effective.

You can get Drunk Elephant products at Sephora and online at Drunk Elephant. Some of these products are pricey, but I have never been one to skimp on skin care. I do splurge when I see a benefit to my skin, and these have proved themselves worth the price to me.

The rundown: A+ (Better skin and a simpler routine? Sign me up!)

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