A Picture Log of Cape Town, South Africa

Over this winter holiday season I spent two weeks in Cape Town, South Africa with my immediate and very extended (about 40 of us) family. My dad grew up in Sea Point, where my grandma still lives. I have been there before, but only when I was quite a lot younger. This time I was able to snap way too many pictures and eat a ton of delicious food (and wine).

Cape Point Vineyards 
More Cape Point Vineyard

Our first stop was Cape Point Vineyard for an amazing lunch with 30 fellow family members. Plus the view was stunning.

The next week or so was spent around Devils Peak, Table Mountain and Lions Head, the three mountains that define the Cape Town natural skyline. There is also Signal Hill, and its not really a hill, but I digress.

Lions Head with some Paragliders
Devils Peak and Table Mountain from The Waterfront

Table Mountain is the large flat mountain in this picture. Its called Table Mountain since it looks like the top of a table, being all flat and such. Plus, in a very cool phenomenon, clouds will rest on the top of the mountain and look very much like a table cloth billowing over the top and draping down the edges.

Devils Peak and Table Mountain from Signal Hill

You can drive up Signal Hill and see a beautiful view of Cape Town with basically no effort. It beautiful, and I would also highly suggest going up at night, the view is killer.

Cape Town at night from Signal Hill

See what I mean?

Another activity I would highly recommend is hiking Lions Head. It is about 45 minutes-an hour up and then the same down (bring tons of water). There are some parts where you actually, as my brother said, have to put your knee next to your face, but overall its pretty manageable (if a nice workout).

the 12 Apostles Mountain Range, taken while hiking Lions Head
Devils Peak and Table Mountain from the top of Lions Head
Cape Town from the top of Lions Head
Hiking down Lions Head, thats my brother

We also did some driving and general enjoying of how amazingly beautiful Cape Town is.

The Sentinel (that mountain in the front, as it is the sentinel of the bay) at Hout Bay
Chapmans Peak drive
Looking down along Chapmans Peak

Now for a food interlude.

Grand restaurant on the beach near The Waterfront
High Tea at 12 Apostles Hotel
Menu Page #1 at Delair
Menu Page #2 at Delair
Feta foam (oh so good) at Delair
more Delair

Okay, back to pictures of not-food. We hit up a market (always fun, if hot in the summer).


Then we hit the wine route by visiting Delair (besides food, I took pictures of the actual winery). It was over 100F, about 41C while we were in Stellenbosch (the famous wine town near Cape Town) so we didn’t go winery hopping, but I would highly recommend doing that.

Delair Wine Vineyards
last one of Delair, promise

Thats my trip, I hope you enjoyed this picture log, after I did the one of Spain and Portugal last year (and I got a request for this one) I’m thinking I might also do one of my trip in Denmark. Let me know if you would like to see that. I hope you had a wonderful holiday season and a great New Years! Please let me know what you got up to!


2 thoughts on “A Picture Log of Cape Town, South Africa

  1. Thank you so much for this!! What a small world!! I grew up in Cape Town too; in Rosebank, near the University of Cape Town. 41 degrees C, I have never experienced that in CT before, but my mom told me they’ve been having an incredible heat wave. Definitely do the wine route next time, but be sure not to be the designated driver :p ;).
    Your pictures are absolutely stunning, but of course this is one of the most photogenic cities in the world (I’m not biased at all LOLOL!!).
    It’s sad that so many South Africans have left/are leaving the country, but of course I understand why.
    I always appreciate photo diaries and travelogues so I’d love to see one of Denmark!!!


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