New Year, New Bare Faced Post

In keeping with tradition here on this blog I’m starting the new year with a bare face (and messy hair).

bare faced and a bit sleepy

This was taken right after I got up on a bit of a cloudy day here in Seattle, so sorry if I look sleepy. This year has been a tough and rewarding one for me. I moved across the country, left a job I loved, gained a job I love and have spent more time on planes than I would ever recommend. I wish I had more time for this blog, and I hope to try and find a better way to balance it with my job this year.

I also struggled a great deal with acne this year, and I’m hoping to improve my skin with a better diet, more exercise and less stress this coming year. I really see a huge difference in my skin when I am less stressed, and working out is a great way to help relieve stress. The picture here was taken at the end of 2015, on a good skin day, thanks to three weeks without traveling and a great skin care routine (more on that soon, promise).

I hope you all had an amazing holidays and a great New Years. I wish you all a happy, healthy and fulfilling 2016!


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