Color Treated Hair has Met its Match – Living Proof Restore Instant Repair

Living Proof Restore Instant Repair

I’m currently on hair color number two in one year (I got balayage the first time so it wasn’t actually a full color but then about three months ago I did get a full color, its a dark red/brown). When I went in to get my current color, my stylist suggested taking my leave in treatment up a notch to help with the damage.

I love the PHD from Living Proof if your hair isn’t in too bad a way, but Restore has more proteins in it which will help if you have more damaged hair. I try not to use this too often, since overuse of proteins can damage your hair on your own. But I have really loved using this. My hair has been doing so well, I really see a difference in my hairs health. My ends look better and I have fewer split ends. My hair is still soft to the touch and it doesn’t look frizzy.

Honestly, I love this stuff. I distribute two pumps through wet hair after I wash it. I can air dry or blow dry my hair with this and it looks good either way (but to like the air dried version you have to like the beach babe look which is actually just lazy girl hair and I love that because I’m a lazy girl) I have quite long hair, but it is fine, so I try not to use too much.

You can get this at salons that sell Living Proof, at Sephora and online for $29.

The rundown: A



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