Urban Decay Riff and Beware are Amazing Warm Browns

top – Beware and bottom – Riff

I find that as I get older midtone brown shadows are becoming my favorite shadows. I think a great midtone brown is so versatile, you can use it in the crease with other shadows for depth or all over the lid for some light definition thats a bit chic and easy. During one of my many visits to Sephora these two beautiful midtone browns came home with me, Urban Decay’s Riff and Beware.

These two browns are a bit similar (thats the beauty blogger in me, they are very similar, but I need them both! I swear!), they are both on the warm side with Riff being much more red than Beware. Riff also has some shimmer in it, which buffs out when you blend it. Beware is all matte. I find both of these really amazingly formulated. They are both mega creamy, pigmented and blend well. They don’t get choppy and the color doesn’t fade as you blend them in. These just smooth into a soft gradient. I love Urban Decay eyeshadows and these both remind of why, the formula is amazing.

swatches of Beware (top) and Riff (bottom) on my NC/NW20 skin

I have been using these all over the lid and into the crease for easy, everyday eyes. I find taupe/midtone brown lids really chic and easy for some reason. I think they are cool, but not grungy. Its still put together somehow. If you want more of a brightening effect these go beautifully in the crease with a light shade all over the lid. They are also the perfect shades for blending out smokey eyes (honestly, I find midtone brown shadows the best shadows, I get the most use out of them).

You can get these stellar shadows at Sephora, online and at Urban Decay for $19 a shadow.

The rundown: A+


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