Urban Decay Naked Smoky Palette is for your Dark Side

Urban Decay Naked Smoky

I am really late on this, I know. When this first came out I saw the colors (drool worthy) but I am an avid warm eyeshadow kinda girl, so I decided to hang back and see if that drool impulse faded. Unfortunately for my wallet, I just couldn’t get this out of my head. One day I walked into Sephora and it came out with me (admittedly one of friends had a strong influence on me that day, but it was pretty inevitable).

Naked Smoky is the well, smokey (I usually use an E in smokey) eyeshadow palette in the Naked palette family bonanza. I am a huge fan of smokey eyes and, this palette makes sense in the Naked family. I will say I was a bit hesitant since UD did have a (sort of) similar palette, the Smoked palette back in 2013. I really love that palette (to this day, its amazing). I really loved that they added killer jewel tones to spice the smokey eye up a bit. This palette is very neutral (no stunning sapphire or emerald shadows here) and very cool (which is good for a naked smokey look, who would have guessed).

Urban Decay Naked Smoky Palette

When using a primer I find these shadows work really well for me, except for Armor (its the one with glitter, one had to be, its an Urban Decay palette). I love the color of Armor, but the glitter ends up all over my face by the end of the day and it was just not cute. I think with some glitter glue or something tacky, it would work much better. The matte shades worked well for me, but per usual I always made sure to layer them so they were easier to blend (tip, if you are looking for a more mid-toned matte, mix Combust and Whiskey before applying). These shades are really stunning, my only quip is I wish the palette had one warm shade. Just one. That way you could apply it just above the crease or in the crease to keep the smokey eye looks from getting too punched-in-the-eye looking.

Urban Decay Naked Smoky Swatched on my NC/NW20 Skin

I wish I could say I didn’t enjoy this palette, but I actually really do. Its a beautiful range of shadows in a formula that works well with my primer of choice (NARS Smudge Proof Shadow Base). I find I can do very pretty everyday looks with this, but I also have the shades I need to bump up my look if I want to.

You can get this palette online, at Sephora and, at Ulta for $54 (also, why are the Naked palettes getting steadily more expensive? I know its only a few dollars more, but why?!).

The rundown: A


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