The Lip Products that have Accumulated in my Bag

the goods

I raided the bottom of my bag and per usual, I have quite a treasure trove of lippies down there. The real theme here is pinky-nude everyday lippies (shocking I know). My favorite formulas are represented though, so I thought it would be good to share.

I love Bite Beauty and their Luminous Creme Lipstick in Fig is a newer shade for me, its a pretty pink. I love the Luminous Creme formula, the shade Rose is a long time favorite as well (Rose is warmer and Fig is cooler). I also have the Butter Cream Lipstick in Heather, which I love. Its more of a browny pink than Fig, which I find easier to wear day-to-day.

Charlotte Tilbury’s Bitch Perfect Lipstick is an all time favorite, it goes with me everywhere. Fully pigmented, pinky-nude and, comfortable to wear makes this one a winner every time.

NARS has two products in here as well, their Satin Lip Pencil in Rikugien is fabulous. Its a more mauvey pink, but the pencil format makes it super easy to apply. This is the mini size from Sephora’s birthday gift this year, but I could see myself getting the full sized (the shade and formula are fab). The gloss is the new Chelsea Girls color from their Fall 15 collection, its a beautiful sheer pinky nude. I have been loving both the color and the easy, non-sticky, unscented formula.

Then we are really throwing it back with the Dior Lip Glow. I used to be obsessed with this when I first got into makeup. Its a nice balm that changes your lip color based on your lips skin chemistry. Its easy to wear and goes a nice bright pink on me (this isn’t actually a gimmick, it goes more plummy on my mom). I think this is in my bag in an effort to use it up, this one is old, I must admit.

Another oldie and goodie is the Clarins Instant Light Balm Perfector. This one is in shade 02 but I love all the shades, this is just the one currently in my bag. This is an easy, moisturizing, lightly tinted lip gloss/balm hybrid. I just love em.

What do you have in your bag? Any lippies you recommend?


One thought on “The Lip Products that have Accumulated in my Bag

  1. Lovely choices!! I also love Nars Bansar Satin Lip Pencils, the two Chanel les Beiges glossimers, Rouge Coco Shine Boy and Reveuse, Charlotte Tilbury Penelope Pink and Miss Kensington, Tom Ford Spanish Pink, and we have Chelsea Giril and Bitch Perfect in common!! I wish we got Bite Beauty here.


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