NARS Dual Intensity Shadows from the Fall 2015 Collection are Fall Shades Perfected

Dual Intensity Shadows in Pasiphae and Telesto

I am not going to waste any of your time today. These are amazing, I love them, I cannot express through words how amazingly beautiful and perfect these are for Fall (all my love for these shadows).

Okay, so if you are interested in just a bit more information, I can do that. As part of the NARS Fall 2015 collection they added two new Dual Intensity Eyeshadows to their permanent range. Gorgeous bronze Telesto and stunning brown/emerald  Pasiphae. These are the same Dual Intensity Shadow formula, which I am in love with. These wear all day, have great pigment and, blend like a dream.

swatches from the top – Telesto and Pasiphae

I love Telesto all over the lid for a everyday bronze eye (but extra metallic and stunning). I usually just end up using a bronzer in my crease or a matte shade to blend it out. Thats all you need, its so beautiful! Pasiphae is something different and, I love it. There is a shimmer/glitter in it, so in shadow it looks more brown but when the light catches it the emerald shimmer/glitter shines (note there is no fallout here, I tried to get the effect in the swatch, hopefully it came across). I really love using this for a fun smokey eye. I pop it all over the lid and add a darker shade in the crease. The really special thing about Pasiphae is that because of how it catches the light, the emerald  highlights the center of your lid. Its like you did that fun shadow technique where the center of your lid is bright and the outer and inner corner are dark, but you only used one shadow! Plus its gorgeous. I’m sorry, I need to stop gushing, but these are just perfect. If I had to pick perfect fall eyeshadow colors, these two would be what I would think of.

I love these (clearly). You can get these shadows at NARS counters, online and, at Sephora for $29 each.

The rundown: A++ (an A+ was not enough)


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