A New Skincare Obsession – Sheet Masks

Karuna Sheet Masks

Lately I have been traveling a lot so using traditional masks has been harder. Taking a whole tube of my beloved Origins Charcoal Mask isn’t practical when I’m on a business trip with a carry on (and the liquid restrictions that come with that). My skin also isn’t the type to do well with minimal effort (its high maintenance). My solution has been sheet masks and, I’m so glad I have started using them. I am so in love that even while I am back in Seattle I have been using sheet masks in lieu of my other masks.

I find the Karuna masks very effective and, I have seen results every time I use one. The results are as advertised, which is fabulous, each mask is packed with great ingredients and feel really luxe on. They are prefect for targeting specific skin problems, like dullness, dryness or, acne (which are the three I am especially in love with). I honestly love them. The other nice thing is they always seem to have extra serum in the packs that I use on my neck (and sometimes on my hands, your neck and hands will tell your age first, take care of them!).

I also love the whole experience of a face mask, I leave these on for an hour (the packs say to use for 20 minutes but I’m bad at following orders when I’m relaxed). I lay down and watch a tv show or read a book. Since these are sheet masks you need to be lying down or they will slide down your face (whoops). The whole situation with lying down, having a lovely mask on and, enjoying a great tv show just works for me. Its amazingly relaxing and its my new treat to myself, especially if I have been traveling and just need to unwind.

I am super curious, have you tried sheet masks? Is there another brand you would recommend? How do you guys relax and pamper yourselves at home? This is my new at home mini-spa  🙂

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