Life Update and Some Questions

Hi guys! I wanted to write up whats been going on me and ask you some things. I am still in a hotel ( insert sad face emoji here). I have purchased a condo but will not be able to move in till September since it is a new construction, so its not done yet. I’m so amazingly excited to have my own place and, I cannot tell you how much I miss my bed (its the important things in life guys, your bed, pillows, your coffee machine, your makeup stash, hehe).

Regardless, this means that videos are pretty much not going to happen until October/ end of September. I tried uploading one this past weekend and after 24 hours of uploading my video to youtube I was at 48% uploaded (I tried, but that time frame to upload is just not doable for me). So I was wondering, would you guys be interested in me getting a snapchat and doing really quick little updates/makeup videos? Do you have a snapchat? Do you guys have a suggestion of something else to do in the mean time?

I also wanted to give you a quick update on my job, in case you were curious. I really love it. My coworkers are amazing and I just love the work. I have been traveling a ton, in the last month I was in Seattle for about 4 days (that was rough, let me tell you, I’m exhausted). I’m looking at a bit of a travel break until mid-August at the moment, but my job is the kind where you need a go bag under your desk. Basically, my travel plans are always changing and I’m on the go a lot. If you guys want to know what my new job entails and all that, please let me know and I can write something up (I would honestly love to, I am such an engineering nerd).

Also, let me know how you all have been doing! I am missing making videos and chatting with you more on YouTube, but please update me here and on Instagram. Happy Monday 🙂


2 thoughts on “Life Update and Some Questions

  1. I’ve missed you, so it’s good to read this!!! I will be waiting patiently till you start making videos again; I am not one for Snapchat. I hate selfies with tongues ;).
    So happy to hear that the move is working out for you, though it sounds hectic!! I would love to hear more about your job and what exactly you do. bring it on :).
    Has your boyfriend moved over too, or are you guys even more long distance now?
    I’ll see ypou over on IG as usual!!! Hope you get a bit of a break here and there; any holidays coming up?


    1. Hi Bella! Its so good to hear from you! Thank you for your patience with me 🙂 My boyfriend and I actually broke up, so no more long distance, lol. I won’t be taking a break until maybe September (hopefully) for when I move it. Other than that I’m taking a vacation with my family in December, which should be fun! I hope you are doing well, see you in Insta!


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