Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Foundation is Worthy of Everyday Use

Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Foundation

I grabbed the Make Up For Ever (MUFE) Ultra HD foundation when I first saw it. The release of this foundation has been well advertised and I was really excited to try it. One of my all time favorite foundations is the Mat Velvet+, so I had high hopes for this one.

The idea of this foundation is that its optimized for more advanced HD cameras. As a result, the foundation is meant to disappear into the skin. It also claims to provide medium coverage, be long lasting and, dry to a natural finish. The description of this foundation also states that its hydrating on the skin, with a time release formula to suit every skin type.

This foundation pretty much delivers on all its claims (honestly). It has beautiful medium coverage in one layer but is buildable to full coverage if you add another. With the added layer the foundation still looks beautiful on the skin and natural. This one doesn’t go cakey. The foundation is thin in consistency and feels weightless on the skin. I agree with the natural finish, but I always use powder anyway (oily skin for the win). As far as long lasting, I still get oily in my t-zone (but I always do). I find if I pair this foundation with a primer, powder and, setting spray (which I do with most foundations anyway, my oily skin eats foundations) it lasts all day on me (9-10 hours), which is fabulous. This also doesn’t go patchy or break up when I get oily, which is key for me. Basically, this is a killer everyday foundation.

The one thing I did notice is that its not really hydrating (in my opinion). Its what I would call comfortable on the skin, neither drying (matte foundation style) nor hydrating (tinted moisturizer style), its just nice and in the middle which should work well for most skin types. I did notice that when I had dry flaky skin this did catch onto the dryness, so if you are prone to flakes or rough skin, this might not be the best.

I’m going to come clean. I have been having a rough time with my skin lately which is why you haven’t seen a shot of me without makeup in some time. Most of the marks you will see in the picture of me below are hyperpigmentation left over from a period of particularly bad acne (cheeks and chin, these are purple). Just a heads up. I do have some active acne on my forehead (these are red). At least you’ll have a great idea of the coverage this foundation has.

bare faced
Wearing MUFE Ultra HD Foundation, one layer on my whole face and an extra layer on my cheeks to really cancel out the redness

I really love this foundation. Its stellar, and I highly recommend giving it a shot. If you have oily skin, you can use primers or other add ons to prolong the wear and suit your skin. I really see this working for all skin types. I would suggest getting a sample (of course) to try it out first. There are 40 shades, so finding the right one could be time consuming (there are so many options!).

You can get this foundation at MUFE stores, online and at Sephora for $43.

The rundown: A

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