Bumble and Bumble Don’t Blow It Styler is a Summer Winner

Bumble and Bumble Don’t Blow It

Its summertime and the feelings so good. Well, not for my hair really. The heat and humidity almost make taking the time to heat style your hair pointless. Thankfully Bumble and Bumble has come out with a new product for these summertime hair blues, Don’t Blow It. The idea is that this styler helps your hair air dry to a more fabulous finish, no heat required.

I have fine hair, which is easily weighed down and is prone to heat damage, so even when its not summertime I tend to shy away from heat styling. I applied some of this to towel dried hair and let my hair air dry. I find this is super lightweight, which I love! Its so nice, my hair isn’t weighed down or heavy feeling (which is a big win in the summer). I also find that this smoothed my frizz and fly aways and has given some gentle support to my natural waves.

I think this works best for fine to medium weight hair, since it is so lightweight. I don’t think its strong enough for more dense or thick hair. I really love the effect, its your natural hair but with just a dash of polish. The lightweight feel is amazing, and I see myself using this product all the time (not just in the summer). This is my kind of hair product, low fuss but pretty.

You can get Don’t Blow It at salons that carry Bumble and Bumble and at Sephora for $14 for the 2oz and $30 for the 5oz.

The rundown: A+


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