Karuna Hydrating+ Face Mask is Magic

Karuna Hydrating+ Face Mask

I have been itching to try sheet masks, since they sounded so much neater than traditional masks but promised similar benefits. I decided to give Karuna a shot since its available in Sephora and I’m in there all the time (seriously). I grabbed the Hydrating+ mask because its been so hot (like, 102F/39C) and dry where I am on a business trip this week. My oily skin was parched (which is strange for me, so I hoped this would help).

This mask is just what the doctor ordered. The Japanese soybean and hyaluronic acid really plump and refresh skin while licorice helps to renew skin. I peeled out the mask (its kind of messy but I use the excess serum on my neck and hands, which is a suggestion I got from the package, its a great idea, try it!) and lay down with Netflix (I’m currently re-watching The West Wing) to relax. I left the sheet mask on for about an hour (an episode worth) but the package says to let sit 10-20 minutes, so that should do if your’e in a rush. After I peeled off the mask I massaged the left over serum into my skin.

Karuna Hydrating+ Face Mask

This mask was so lovely and relaxing to use, and the results were amazing. By the time I peeled it off my skin felt so much better. I lost that tight, dry, flaking skin in favor of hydrated and plumped skin. I really love this mask, and I plan on trying more from this line. Have you tried any of these? Or any other brand of sheet mask (I live for suggestions!)?

You can get this mask at Sephora and online for $8 for one and $28 for 4.

The rundown: A+

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