Cover FX Custom Cover Drops are Worth the Hype

Cover FX Custom Cover Drops in N25

I fell victim to the hype and grabbed a bottle of the Cover FX Custom Cover Drops. I matched myself to shade N25, and its working for me. I think N20 would work as well (I wish G20 was a bit lighter, basically I would recommend matching in person),  for reference I’m a MAC NC/NW20.

The idea with this product is the 0.5oz bottle houses highly concentrated pigment that you can add to any water, oil, or silicone based product. That means that you can add this into your moisturizer, primer, foundation, tinted moisturizer, BB (CC etc) cream, face oil, or really anything. The bottle comes with a pipet dropper, and be sure to shake the bottle well to keep the pigments from getting clumpy (not really clumpy, more not fully dissolved, or smooth and uniform in texture) before using. From using it, I find 2 drops gives light to medium coverage (when added to a primer or moisturizer) and 4 drops gets me to pretty full coverage (not totally full coverage, but pretty close, I’m just concealing seriously large acne).

I find that adding this product in doesn’t change the formula of whatever you’re adding it to, which I love (I hope that made sense). Its doesn’t make moisturizers cakey, or heavy feeling. The finish of a product doesn’t change from adding this in and the wear time didn’t noticeably change either. I have tried this with moisturizers, tinted moisturizers, foundations, and primers (silicone and water based). I haven’t tried mixing this with an oil based product, but thats because I never use oil based products on my face (during the day, and in fact very rarely at all, I have oily skin so I’m not a real user of face oils). Custom Cover Drops have mixed in with water and silicone based products really well. I have been loving using this to bump up the coverage on a tinted moisturizer (or just giving coverage to my moisturizer) so my skin feels light and fresh but I get some more coverage.

Custom Cover Drops Dropper

The one thing to note is that the bottle gets pretty messy. Between the dropper and all the shaking needed to get the product smooth causes it to get all over the screw top. Which is just annoying, but really not that bad.

I drop some of this onto the back of my hand and then scoop on some moisturizer/primer/foundation and mix with my finger before applying to my face. It makes me feel all cool and mixologist like. You could always mix a foundation with a moisturizer to get more coverage, but when mixing products like that the formulas mix as well. Custom Cover Drops really just adds more coverage to anything, which I have found to be really handy (I didn’t know if it would be, the reason I like tinted moisturizers and foundations is because they give different effects. But I have really enjoyed these drops, its great to have coverage freedom from formula!).

Custom Cover Drops comes in 24 shades that run in Pink, Neutral, and Golden tones which makes it much easier to find a match. A bottle runs $44 (I use about 2 drops a day, so I know the price tag is hefty, but this bottle will last me a long time) and you can get it at Sephora and online.

The rundown: A+




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