The Products I’ve Been Using for my Flick

Marc Jacobs Highliner in Blacquer

I love the formula for the Marc Jacobs Highliners, but I don’t line my waterline often, so I’ve been using this liner in a bit of a different way.

I’ve been using this pencil-gel hybrid as my winged liner by pairing it with a gel liner brush. I first draw the pencil directly onto my lid in a thin (as thin as I can get it) line at the base of my lashes. Then I smooth it out with the liner brush (make the liner thicker at the outer edge of your eye if your’e into that cat eye thing).

Then I add a bit more liner dabbed on my outer corner (you can skip this next step for a classic, clean liner look with just a line across the lash line that gets a bit thicker at the outer corner). I use my liner brush then to work the product I’ve added to my outer corner into a wing (I use my brush like a liquid liner pen, pull out a line and then drag the product back to your lash line to create a triangle and fill in). It works really beautifully with this liner since the creamy formula is easy to work with, like a gel (but mega long wearing). I use the Make Up For Ever 250 liner brush.

If you guys want to see this eyeliner application technique in action, let me know, I’ll do a video on it. The internet at my hotel isn’t all that great, so I haven’t been uploading videos (its fantastically slow to upload), but I’ll see if I can whip something quick up.

What do you guys think? Have you ever tried this technique for winged liner?


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