The Two New Skincare Products That Have Saved my Skin – Sunday Riley Ceramic Slip and Dr Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Peel

Dr Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Peel and Sunday Riley Ceramic Slip Cleanser


Heres the deal, with the prospect of leaving a job, city, and the coworkers/friends I loved for a new life on the other side of America, I kinda of freaked out (kind of is the wrong term, I totally freaked out). I didn’t sleep for a while from the stress, and the details and insanity of moving across the country in a week didn’t really help (I arrived in Seattle the night before I began working a whopping week since my last day at work back in Philly).

This past month has been a roller coaster of emotions, with the big hitters being stress, sadness, and excitement. I’ve been bouncing between the real sadness of leaving some amazing people (I still get in a real brood about it sometimes) to the excitement of a new job with new amazing people (really, they are awesome). The emotion that I had when I wasn’t excited or sad, was stress. I needed a place to live, my car arrived with rock chips from shipping and needs the whole front repainted, the constant worry my makeup is all broken in a box in storage, etc. (you get the gist).

The reason I’m filling you in on the insanity that has been my last month is because all of this stress showed on my face. I can honestly say I have never broken out more severely in my life. I was doing a good 30-40 active acne spots at the same time (there are no pictures of this because while I try not to feel bad about myself when I have acne, this time I really just felt crummy. I hated my skin, and I am only human, so sometimes I feel crummy because my skin isn’t doing well). My skin was a hot mess. I changed up my skincare to add in some products I have heard amazing things about because, quite frankly, I needed the help.

I changed my cleanser out for the Sunday Riley Ceramic Slip Cleanser, and I have to say, its amazing. The clay really cleans out my pores without drying out my skin. I use two pumps of this either on my Clairsonic or with just my hands. On damp skin it foams a bit, but not too much, and feels really soothing and lovely on the skin. The best part is the results are stellar. My acne has calmed, and I’m back down to my (now appreciated and beloved) average of 5 or so spots (thank goodness). I wanted to wait until I’d used it some to review it, and its actually still a bit early since I’ve only been using it a month now. But I’ve seen a real change in my skin clarity (so I really wanted to tell you guys). A great cleanser is the core to any skin care routine, so while this is a real splurge, if you have trouble skin, it could help.

I also started doing an acid tone every night after I cleanse. I decided to go with another (sadly) pricy item since I have heard great things (and I needed/still need great). The Dr Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Peels are little pre-packaged peels. You use Step 1 (which is a pre-soaked pad) all over your face first, wait two minutes, and then use Step 2 all over (this is another pre-soaked pad). These peels brighten and even you skin tone like nothing else I have ever used. The luminosity these gave my skin made me want to go out without foundation on (but with all my acne still going, so I did use foundation) because the clear areas of my face just looked so darn good. These are also really helping now that my acne has passed and my face is covered in hyper pigmentation. These also really help to smooth out the texture of acne on the skin, so its easier to cover with concealer (they flatten spots, whoo!). Step 1 has salicylic acid in it and Step 2 has retinol as an ingredient (both among many other amazing ingredients), and my skin loves both. These are truly effective and I don’t think I can be without them. I use the Original Formula, which is a good strength for me. I’m not ready for the Extra Strength ones (yet, haha).

The rest of my skin care routine is the same, I still use a retinoid at night and Ole Henriksen Sheer Transformation moisturizer in the morning.

You can get Dr Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Peels for $88 (for the 30 peel pack, I use these every night so that lasts 30 days) online and at Sephora. You can also get the Sunday Riley Ceramic Slip Cleanser for $45 online and at Sephora.

The rundown: A+ all around, two big thumbs up, LOVE IT


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