Make Up For Ever Step 1 Skin Equalizer Redness Correcting Primer Rocks My Socks

Make Up For Ever Step 1 Skin Equalizer in Redness Correcting

When the new Make Up For Ever Step 1 primers came out, I didn’t know which one to pick. They really rocked out and came out with 10 different primers based on various skin concerns. I, like most people probably, have more than one skin concern (and I generally just want to try all the makeup, beauty blogger problems) so this made for a bit of an internal dilemma. I ended up with the Redness Correcting Primer since I do deal with a good bit of redness (and I didn’t want to try the mattifying primer since my skin has been dryer since I started using retinoid, but thats usually my go-to).

I’ve been using this primer for about three weeks now, and I really like it. I don’t really see the redness correction part, once I blend this into the skin it just kind of disappears and leaves no color on the skin. Which is a good thing, but I don’t see a reduction in redness.  I don’t really mind, since I love how this primer performs in every other aspect. I just wanted to let you know, maybe if you have a little redness this will help, but my skin is pretty red.

MUFE Step 1 Redness Correcting Primer Swatched (not blended in) on my NC/NW20 Skin



This prolongs the wear of my makeup, keeping my oily areas less oily and my drier skin more hydrated. Its great at balancing out my skin (I get dryness in some areas since I started using a prescription retinoid daily). I love how it both absorbs oil and hydrates, which is an impressive combination. This primer contains dimethicone (which is a silicone based polymer, the “cone” on the end of ingredients tells you if there is silicone in the chemical structure), so it smooths and fills in over texture in my skin, which looks great, let me tell you. I always get nervous about primers with silicones since they can clog pores and cause breakouts and I am acne prone. I haven’t seen any breakouts since I’ve been using this (except for my normal hormonal acne, which is frustrating, but nothing new).

I really love this primer, it works, and works well (just be aware, if you have acne prone skin or sensitive skin, there is silicone in this one). I think I might try the Yellow Primer for radiance or maybe the Smoothing one next. The fun thing with these is you can try out various ones to see which suits your skin needs best. I kind of want to try mixing in the new Cover FX Custom Cover Drops with these (once I find a Sephora with my shade in stock, I hate that, why is your shade always out of stock!?). You can get 1 oz (same size as a foundation) of these primers (select the Skin Equalizer that best suits your skin) at Sephora, online, and at Make Up For Ever for $36.

The rundown: A+




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