Laura Mercier Ritual Bronzer is Baked Blushy-Bronzey Goodness

Laura Mercier Ritual Baked Blush Bronze

I have been hearing raves about Laura Mercier Ritual bronzer since last summer when it took beauty bloggers by storm. Thankfully Laura Mercier heard all the love and brought it back this summer. Of course I grabbed one (bronzers are my current product obsession, and all these summer collections are enabling me).

I love this. I’m really not doing much lead in lately, but honestly, why not get to the point? Regardless, this stuff is beautiful on the skin! It is a bit of a dark shade for my light skin, so I apply it with a thinner density brush like the Wayne Goss 14 (you can also use a fan brush, which is such an underrated brush, seriously guys). Sheering this out with the right brush makes it easier to blend on my skin tone. It keeps it from going patchy or getting too full-on.

Bronzer Swatches from the Left: NARS Laguna, Laura Mercier Ritual, Hourglass Luminous Bronze Light


I dust this all over my face for a good bronze (I swirl my brush over the whole product). Then I hit the pinker area on my Ritual (all of these have a different marbling, so they will vary in color makeup, I like that mine has a more pink and more bronze areas so I can customize) and dust that over my cheeks for blush. Its so beautiful, you get a healthy and sun kissed glow. Ritual has some shimmer to it (again, this can vary) but its a more subtle sheen than the other bronzers I usually use (like NARS Laguna and Hourglass Luminous Bronze Light). It also has pink and red undertones from the blush veins, which makes it a very natural bronzer (since when you get a tan it has a red tone to it).

Wearing Ritual only for Color on my Skin

I find after an eight hour day this can fade some on my cheeks, but it doesn’t go patchy. I really do enjoy this still, and to prolong the wear I use a setting spray. But alone, only about eight hours. For other fair skinned girls (or guys) I would highly suggest a light hand with this, its pigmented and dark, so when I apply too much it doesn’t blend well and looks muddy on me. Just a heads up.

You can get this bronzer online, at Sephora, and at Laura Mercier counters this summer (hopefully it doesn’t go away again, but you never know, so I would grab one if it looks up your street) for $36.

The rundown: A




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