Life Update – Moving and Arriving in Seattle

Hi guys! I wanted to give you a status (I guess thats what you call it) of whats going on.

First, I moved out of old apartment last week. My couch ended up looking like this…

all wrapped up

Then I got on a plane and flew to Seattle. I did some exploring.

Pike Place Market
the Space Needle


I got a juice to get myself in the west coast crunchy zone
some nature



I have really enjoyed my first three days in the Seattle area. I am going to be posting this week here on this little blog. I am aiming for three posts this week (Monday, Wednesday and, Friday), since I am still getting used to the new job and I am currently living in a hotel (long story short, I moved out here quickly to start work and don’t have a place to live yet, I am looking at the moment). I will be traveling more with this new gig than with the last, so I am going to try and maintain a three post a week schedule (hopefully).

things are going well, promise

I hope you guys are doing well! I’m excited to get back to blogging, I missed it (and you guys!).





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