Three Charlotte Tilbury Eyeshadow Color Combinations

Charlotte Tilbury Fallen Angel, The Sophisticate, and The Uptown Girl Palettes

I have a few Charlotte Tilbury palettes in my collection now and I a got a request to do some color combinations using multiple palettes. This way, if you have some of these palettes in your makeup drawers you can mix and match.

I did three color combinations, and I’m calling them that because I swatched shadows together to show the color story. You can apply these groupings of shadows in multiple ways, but I’ll also be telling you how I would apply the shades. Cool? Lets get started.

from the left: The Sophisticate Prime, The Sophisticate Enhance, Fallen Angel Enhance, The Uptown Girl Smoke

The first color combination is an everyday taupe/silver eye with a darker purple tone in the outer corner. I would use The Sophisticate Prime under the brow with The Sophisticate Enhance in the crease as a base for the look. Then Fallen Angel Enhance would go all over the lid with The Uptown Girl Smoke used in the outer v to darken and define some. You can also wear this combination as a purple smokey eye by using The Uptown Girl Smoke all over the lid and tap Fallen Angel Enhance just in the center of your lid for that gorgeous pop of brightness.

from the left: The Sophisticate Prime, The Sophisticate Enhance, Fallen Angel Pop, The Uptown Girl Smoke

The second color combination is a bronze smokey eye. I use The Sophisticate Prime and Enhance under my brow bone and in the crease respectively (I use this for every look, its the prefect starting point). Then Fallen Angel Pop all over the lid (gorgeous) with The Uptown Girl Smoke in the outer v. A bronze everyday smokey eye is a staple eyeshadow look of mine, and to make this one more daytime appropriate I take out The Uptown Girl Smoke. You can also add in The Uptown Girl Prime in the center of the lid over Fallen Angel Pop (I love adding a bright shadow to the center of the lid).

from the left: The Sophisticate Prime, Enhance, The Uptown Girl Prime, Enhance, Smoke and The Sophisticate Smoke

The last color combination is a great everyday eye look. I start with my base, The Sophisticate Prime and Enhance under the brow and in the crease. Then place The Uptown Girl Enhance all over the lid (love a good purple/taupe shadow, you can also swap out The Uptown Girl Prime all over the lid) with The Uptown Girl Smoke in the outer v (can you tell I love The Uptown Girl Smoke?). Apply The Uptown Girl Prime to the inner corner/tearduct area to brighten and open the eye. To add even more depth, I like to add The Sophisticate Smoke into the very outer v, but that step is kind of extra.

I find the cool tones in these three palettes work beautifully together, but I also wanted to show you guys an option with the beautiful warm bronze in Fallen Angel. You can always use Fallen Angel Smoke instead of The Uptown Girl Smoke, if you aren’t as into purple tones (or you can use The Sophisticate Smoke, use all the smokes!!). There are really so many options, but these three color ways are my favorites. I hope this was helpful! Let me know if you have a way you love to mix these colors, I would love to try it out.





2 thoughts on “Three Charlotte Tilbury Eyeshadow Color Combinations

  1. Thanks so much for doing this post, this is gorgeous!! I think I like look 1 best. Somehow the coller undertones of the Sophisticate still work for me. I just don’t like the very glittery pop shade and the Sophisticate provides a much needed bit of matte.


  2. Great post! Sometimes I feel tied to using just one palette, which becomes pretty limiting. I have the Uptown Girl palette and I absolutely LOVE it. I’m so tempted to get the Fallen Angel palette or just another CT palette, but it’s so hard to choose!


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