Giorgio Armani Si Perfume is Somehow Strong and Light

Giorgio Armani Si Rollerball

In my search for a Spring/Summer fragrance I fell in love with Si, the newest perfume from Giorgio Armani (its not that new, I’m just late to this great scent). I got a rollerball (like I prefer to with a new fragrance) so I can try it out (plus its easier to travel with!).

This scent has a musky blond wood as its base (figures). I love that the wood/musk scent is in there since I prefer warm, sultry scents. These base notes keep the fragrance full-bodied and grounded since the top notes are florals (not sweet or sickly, but fresh and airy) and blackcurrant nectar. The fresh notes of the florals make this a lighter scent for me, and I love how refreshing it is. The blackcurrant nectar adds something unique and different and there is some vanilla in there as well. Together they add some more warmth and a tiny bit of sweetness.

I really love this fragrance, its sultry and feminine with some light freshness. The combination is really unique to me and it isn’t jarring, but harmonious and lovely. You can get a 0.34 oz rollerball for $28 or a 3.4 oz bottle for $115 (there are sizes in between, but I like to try a scent in a rollerball and then if I love it I will buy a large bottle since its the best value) at deparment stores, Sephora and online.

The rundown: A


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