Formula X The Sea Glass Polish in Whirlpool is Stunning and I’m in Love

Wearing Formula X Whirlpool (picture taken after wearing this polish for three days, you see any chips? I didn’t think so.)


Formula X has a collection of the sand type finish polishes (those ones that dry matte and grainy? you know what I mean?). The fun aspect of the Formula X version is that they have sparkles (which Formula X says is volcanic micro glass, very cool no?) and the finish isn’t super grainy, its more of a fine grain (nit picky I know) which I prefer.

After I saw the display for these in Sephora I actually got three (Whirlpool which you can see here, Deep End, and Starfish). The finish of these is so unique and beautiful on the nails, I am completely obsessed. Its not shockingly different since the grain/sand is fine, so I don’t feel uncomfortable wearing it at work (like I do with some glitter polishes). I also find the wear on these is impressive for a chunky-er polish, I got tip wear after a few days but I only took the polish off after five days of wear. It hadn’t come off a whole nail or clumped off in sections, it was basically still on with some more tip wear when I removed it (one of my nails was chipping, but thats because I forgot I was wearing a gorgeous nail polish and bit it, so completely my fault there).

Whirlpool in Different Lighting

Whirlpool comes off as a grey-blue on my skin, but depending on your skin tone it can come off as more purple. I really love that its a beautiful soft grey, I don’t know why, but I just love the color. The colors in this collection range from a nice nude (Seashell) all the way to a fun and bright teal (Marine, and yes I am eyeing this one next). I swear I’m going to end up with all of these. I love em. The great finish, colors, and wear time is just a winning combination for me. I like polishes that are a bit different, but working in a more serious/professional environment makes it difficult, the finish on these adds that something extra without going over the top.

You can get Formula X Sea Glass polishes at Sephora and online for $12.50.

The rundown: A+



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