Skincare Update – Trentinoin Cream

the helper

I added a prescription strength topical vitamin A cream to my nighttime skin care routine about a month and a half  ago, see the introduction post here.

Anyway, I promised an update on how this has been affecting my skin and here it is. My skin is now used to me using the cream nightly in a thin later all over my face, so I don’t have any more surface dryness or peeling (which is very very nice, the peeling stopped after about 3 weeks). I find that this hasn’t stopped me from getting acne though. I tend to break out due to hormones or stress (or both) and I find that is still the case.

The big difference I have seen using a prescription vitamin A cream is that my acne doesn’t last long anymore. I used to be plagued with spots that seemed resistant to just about everything. Acne used to hang around for a week or more, now I find acne is lucky if it lasts three days. I will say, I wish Trentinoin kept my acne from showing up at all, but I do love how it helps my acne clear up more quickly.

Now that my skin is used to Trentinoin I can incorporate back into my skincare routine products I had stopped using because they were too drying. I’m back to using the Origins Clear Improvement Mask (the charcoal one) which has been my favorite mask for years, and I really missed it. Charcoal really helps to draw out impurities and when I use this mask (about once a week) I find my skin stays clearer week to week.

I will be sure to update you guys again if how this is working with my skin changes. I hope you are having a good day! Be sure to leave any skincare products you love in the comments below!


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