Commodity Fragrances in Rain, Moss, and Morning Fog Smell of Spring to Me

Commodity Travel Size Scents in Moss and Rain

I have been looking for a Spring fragrance (I honestly don’t know why, I’ve just had an itch) and Sephora just started carrying a new brand, Commodity. Commodity is a fragrance brand that sells a White Collection and Black Collection of fragrances which can be worn alone or layered and combined for your own scent.  The Black Collection scents are the more unisex,  and are described as “complex, intense, and moody” by Sephora. The White Collection scents are the more feminine scents, and are described as “light, airy, and easy” by Sephora.

Of course I fell in love with a Black Collection scent called Moss. I have always loved more unisex scents (Gucci Premier is my go-to). Moss has a woody, musk base (which is probably why I love it so much since I love musky, deep scents) with bergamot, amber, and actual moss (among others) which adds some crisp, freshness to the scent. I really love Moss, and will happily wear it alone as a Spring scent. Moss has some fresh, lighter, cool notes to start before it settles into its musky base, so its a bit lighter than my usual Gucci Premier. Perfect for Spring (for me).

The fun part is that Commodity also recommends combinations for you to try that combine scents from their White and Black Collections. When I picked up Moss I found out that Rain from the White Collection pairs with it. If you layer both scents together you get one called Morning Fog. Morning Fog smells amazing (to me) its a bit fresher (it really does remind me of morning fog, that earthy, crisp smell) than I usually go for, but the lightness is well balanced by the musk and wood notes which keep it all grounded. I love it.

Rain is a very light and fresh scent, with jasmine, lemon verbena, and lotus blossom (among others) with base notes of water musk, sheer woods, and vetiver (these base notes aren’t too strong, but probably are why I also like Rain).  I wouldn’t wear Rain alone, like I would Moss, but I do love pairing it with Moss for Morning Fog.

I know the whole layering scents thing is a bit of a gimmick, but I actually really love the result (successful gimmick it seems). I think its nice that you can get travel size versions of the scents, so you can try out mixing the scents without spending a ton. There is a whole range of scents for everyone (not just the musk loving among us), I heard Gold and Tea (both from the White Collection) are the favorites of the staff at my local Sephora.

You can get travel sized spray bottles (0.33 oz) for $24 at Sephora and online. Full sized bottles (3.4 oz) are $99 each. What fragrances do you love for Spring?

The rundown: A



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