The One Brush Face Makeup

Wayne Goss 12 and 11 Brushes

If you watched my video from this week (its the next post down, check it out) you will have seen me use just one brush for my powder, blush and bronzer. I’ve been doing my makeup like that for a bit now and I have to say, its really fast and handy (I used to use at least to brushes for those three tasks). I know it might be a beauty blogger sin or something equivalent, but why do I need to use more brushes if one works so well? Just be sure to clean your brush regularly (but that is always the case, really).

I don’t know if you would consider this technique, but give it a shot. Its a real time saver. The trick is to use very little product, so that you don’t get the colors mixed in together. Also be sure to start with the lightest powder. I love the Wayne Goss goat hair face brushes for this. They blend so beautifully, are super soft, and they don’t trap color so its easy to move from one product to the next without getting a messy, smudgy look.

What do you guys think? Is this crazy? Lazy? Cool? Maybe all three? Have you ever just used one brush for your face makeup? I know as a beauty blogger I can go over board with the brushes and products, so maybe this is a trick everyone has been using forever and I am just late to the party. Anyway, its been a great time saver for me in the mornings, and has seriously cut down on the number of brushes I have to wash. I call it a win.



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