NARSissist Blush, Contour, and Lip Palette Gives Pretty Cheeks and Lips To-Go

the top layer, Enthralled, Enraptured and Roman Holiday blushes with Lstria gloss

I love NARS blushes (this is no secret) and I  was lusting after the NARS Roman Holiday blush shade (they brought out the shade this past holiday season) so this palette seemed like a great idea.

Albatross highlighter, Laguna bronzer and Lstria lipgloss

This is a double decker palette, the bottom trays have the famous Laguna bronzer and Albatross highlighter. Laguna is a great bronze with just enough glow to look amazing but not greasy or glittery. Albatross is a gold sheen, its really beautiful and stunning on (use just a bit, this stuff is very pigmented). There is a pink gloss that is tall enough that it takes up the whole stack. The gloss has no scent and isn’t sticky, it very pretty and easy on.

The top layer has three new blush shades, Enthralled which is a shimmery terracotta, Enraptured which is a shimmery pinky nude, and Roman Holiday which is a matte bright pink. I love all three shades to be honest. I find them all very natural on, and don’t think that bright pink isn’t natural on. Those bright pink colors give the more gorgeous naturally flushed look. They are stunning.

swatches from the left: Enthralled, Enraptured, Roman Holiday, Albatross, Laguna, Lstria

I really love all the colors in this kit. The wells are a bit small.  I don’t tend to mind that since I use small brushes, but if you prefer a larger brush this could be an issue. The two more brown toned shades are similar, Enthralled is more peachy and Enraptured is more red toned. Since I love them both I don’t mind, they are great everyday blush shades. They will add some definition and color at the same time, so they work as great all in one cheek shades.

wearing Enthralled
wearing Enraptured

Roman Holiday is one of my favorite kinds of shades, its so brightening and pretty. I’m wearing the gloss in all these pictures, and I really love it for everyday. This whole palette is really just a great everyday cheek and lip look. Its flattering and natural. I’m also wearing Laguna in all these images, Albatross is hard to capture in pictures (I always feel this way about highlighters) so check the swatch above.

wearing Roman Holiday

I can see myself reaching for these pigmented, easy to blend, and long lasting powder products daily. The colors are right and the nice compact palette makes it easy to have on hand.






You can get this super handy cheek and lip palette at NARS counters, Sephora and online for $59. ( For pricing reference, each blush is 0.1 oz, and a full sized NARS blush is 0.16 oz, so you are actually getting a good amount of product, the pan shape is just the deep kind.)

The rundown: A



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