My New Hair, and an Important (Hair) Lesson

my natural hair color and pre-cut length

This past weekend I decided to shake things up and change my hair color. I haven’t died my hair since high school, so I was a bit nervous and very excited. After a lot of time spent on Pinterest and chatting with my friends I was going with a golden/caramel balyage. I also took off about 4 inches, just to cut it. Its the same cut I always get though, long layers.

When I had my hair done, it first looked like this.

hello caramel and a bit shorter (excuse my college engineering t-shirt)

Now, I think this color is gorgeous, and you saw it in action if you saw my last video. It was just too light for me coming from my very dark natural hair color. So, I went back to the salon the next day and got it darkened. I ended up with this.

the current hair color

Above is me right now, and I have to say, I love the color. Its a bit lighter and more golden. Most importantly, its subtle, I guess I’m a very natural kind of girl when it comes to my hair color.

But here is what I really learned, a great stylist (which I have, her name is Leanna and she works at Salon Thalia, if you live in Philly you should give her a shot, she’s amazing) will want you to love your hair. I felt so bad going back to get my hair redone, but my stylist actually thanked me. The lesson here is to be open and honest with your stylist, even if your’e worried they might be offended. Be nice about it, truly, but tell them if you don’t like something.

I know there are differing opinions on going back to get hair redone, or telling a stylist you aren’t happy, so I wanted to share that I think the open and honest approach is the way to go. You have to live with your hair everyday, you should love it. If you have any hair stories or advice, please let me know below! I would love to hear about it.




5 thoughts on “My New Hair, and an Important (Hair) Lesson

  1. I’m glad you’re happy with your hair and your stylist, and I totally agree: honesty is the best policy and if a stylist doesn’t like it you’re unlikely to go back anyway.
    I must say, I am a huge fan of dark hair (duh! LOL) and seldom find lightened hair an imporvement, but I absolutely loved your hair in your video and in the “lighter” pic above!!! It gives you a very beach babe, California type of vibe and it still suits your skin tone.. Maybe after getting used to this level you’ll be ready to try that in the future? The current look is also stunning, you just have gorgeous hair!!!


  2. Since you had such a good experience, I decided to give Salon Thalia a try. After a trim that I was very unhappy about a couple of years ago, I had decided to just see how long my hair would grow if I left it alone — but not to let it get past my hips, because I’m not really into thigh-length hair for myself. Well, I was due for a bit of a cut, since I could sit on it! But scared to let anyone near it with scissors. I checked out Salon Thalia’s web site, called and talked to them, and let Sofia cut it yesterday. She did an awesome job, and I’m very pleased! I wanted to keep it very long, not have layers but have modern ends rather than that “blunt cut” look, and be able to part it anywhere for styling it different ways (I mostly do various braids, buns, and looks with hair sticks/forks). I was so happy to meet a stylist who loves long hair and didn’t want to chop it off and give me some standard ‘look’. I was like, ‘I’ve had a haircut, my ends look great, but my hair is still very long, and I’m happy!’ — not how I’ve always felt after a cut with very long hair. They also did a great job of handling the fact that their salon is being remodeled after a flood caused by a burst pipe this winter, Sofia was working out of AMS Salon around the corner, but everyone was friendly and everything went smoothly. Thanks for the referral 🙂


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