NARS All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation Made it into the Top Five

NARS All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation

This past weekend on Instagram (if you haven’t said hi to me over there how very rude of you,  you should, my link is here) I let it slip that the new NARS All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation is one of my top five foundations (of the moment). I figured a post to fill you in as to why was in order.

First things first, this comes with a pump, a frosted glass tall bottle, 20 shades, and 1 oz of product. Boring stuff out of the way, the nitty gritty is that this foundation feels super light on the skin, is basically full coverage (you can sheer it out though), is long wearing, and blends into the skin beautifully. The only down side is that there isn’t actually a shade for me (the closest is Gobi but its a bit yellow). Because of that, in the pictures below it will look very foundation-y on, so I’m also including a picture of after I have applied the rest of my makeup (just so you can see the final effect). Ready? Bare face in 3…2…1

no makeup, noooope, not here
with 2 pumps of foundation (the pumps are pretty small on this one) see the soft, luminous, full coverage finish
all done


I find this foundation really lasts all day, note that it doesn’t control my oil, but that it doesn’t break up or slide around once the oil gets going. It really grabs on, which is also why it can catch on dry patches (if you have em’) so I would recommend a good exfoliation before applying. I really love the luminous (not dewy or shiny, just radiant) finish of this, its just so darn pretty but not too over the top for my already oily skin. I really enjoy this foundation, it wears well, applies beautifully, and is high coverage (which I do prefer in foundations since my skin is really not perfect).

NARS claims one pump is all you need to cover your whole face, and I think that would be true if I wasn’t having a bad skin day when I took these (most of my spots enjoy presiding on my cheeks at the moment, except for that cool cat smack in the middle of my chin). For these pictures I used one pump through the center of my face and a second pump for my rude cheeks.

I would think people with normal and oily skin will really enjoy this, its a very solid formula and there are a lot of color options. I don’t really know about dry skinned gals (or guys), I would think its okay so long as you don’t have actual dry, flaking skin. I always think you should try a foundation through a sample first, but this stuff is really great (heads up).

You can get this foundation at NARS counters, online, and at Sephora for $48.

The rundown: A+



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