My Current Nighttime Cleanser – First Aid Beauty Face Cleanser

First Aid Beauty Face Cleanser

With my newly drier and flaky skin I have moved from my old standby (Shiseido Pureness, love this for oily skin, but it means business and can be a bit harsh) to a more gentle and hydrating cleanser. I have a whole bunch of deluxe sample sizes of the First Aid Beauty Face Cleanser so I decided to give it try, plus I’ve heard great things about it.

Those great things I heard were spot on, this cleanser is very creamy and hydrating so it doesn’t leave my skin dry or feeling stripped after I wash it off. It also actually cleans my skin (which some gentle cleansers have not done for me in the past). After I wash it off, my skin feels clean and well, happy. Can skin feel happy? Mine does.

Now, I still have acne when I use this cleanser, but don’t get the same clustering of spots I can get with other (less effective) cleansers.  Plus added into my entire skincare routine (my whole nighttime routine will be coming tomorrow), a gentle cleanser helps to balance out my skin. The smell of this cleanser is nice, its not minty and I actually can’t put my finger on what it smells like, but its just nice and comforting.

I find the whole experience of using this cleanser really enjoyable. Its creamy, soothing, moisturizing, clean feeling, and effective. It works with my Clairsonic well, lathering up and gliding over the skin. I plan on getting the full size when I run out of my deluxe samples. Like with all skincare, I would suggest trying a product for a good six weeks or so before making a decision (skin is frustratingly slow sometimes).

I think this is a great cleanser that is well suited for all skin types (though know that not everything works for everyone). You can get 5 oz for $20 online and at Sephora.

The rundown: A



4 thoughts on “My Current Nighttime Cleanser – First Aid Beauty Face Cleanser

  1. I’ve been using this cleanser for about three years, so you know I must love it! I have combination skin — oily nose, dry under-eye area, fairly normal elsewhere — that gets very dehydrated by this time every winter, and this cleanser works well and comfortably for all parts of my face and at all times of the year. Even though it’s not expensive, I’ve been trying to find a drugstore substitute for it lately, but no success. One drawback is that it doesn’t take off all my eye makeup (I use waterproof eyeliner and a waterproof top coat on my lashes) and does sting my eyes if I really rub it into my lashes and then open my eyes (like to find my washcloth) before rinsing. But, unless you do that, it’s perfect, I also really love (and have been using for years) FAB’s Ultra Repair Face Moisturizer, it works well on all parts of my face and works well under makeup. At night I use it over my serums and treatments for hydration.


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