A Return to Natural Brows

natural brow all the way


I never really strayed from a natural looking brow (aka drawn in and cubic, too dark, too full etc.). But lately I have just been loving more natural makeup as a whole, and brows are a great place to start.

I feel like in the last year or so the trends have been for more and more makeup. Brows were one of the features that really took a hit. They don’t even look real on some people now. In an effort to appreciate the natural beauty you have, I suggest stepping it back on the brows. If you have some natural brow hairs the way to go is powder and a gel, which is what I use. If you have less natural brow hair I would suggest a mousse like the Anastasia Dipbrow or the Make Up For Ever Aqua Brow to draw in individual hairs.

natural brow kit

What about you? Are you a fan of the full-on-brows that are in now? Do you prefer a more natural look?



2 thoughts on “A Return to Natural Brows

  1. My favorite way to do more natural brows is with tinted brow gel only (I just feel compelled to color the few bright white ones sprinkled in among the dark browns).


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