Boscia Green Tea Blotting Linens Save Mid-Day Oily Skin

Boscia Green Tea Blotting Linens

I know this isn’t rocket science, but good blotting sheets are a must if you have oily skin. By the middle of my day I usually have some oil thats broken through the primer, foundation, and powder mix from the morning.

The key to oily skin is having a foundation that doesn’t break up and go patchy once you get oily (in my opinion, since no foundation I have tried keeps me matte all day). Having some blotting sheets to touch up during the day has become a necessity. With a good foundation that hasn’t gone blotchy, blotting sheets remove the shine without disturbing the makeup beneath. Now you don’t have any skin poking through (or more likely acne) and you can keep yourself matte throughout the day.

dispense me some matte


The Boscia blotting papers work really nicely. They don’t have powder on them, which I like. It doesn’t add anything onto the skin that you don’t want. These blotting papers dispense like tissues so once you pull one a new one pops up. I usually just use one sheet around mid day and my skin looks great. If I’m having a really oily or long day I’ll use two sheets.

These little guys have just been so helpful lately, so I wanted to let you guys know about them. You get a good sized pack for a good price and the sheets work really nicely. Its so refreshing to remove the oil during the day instead of it sitting there, or me caking everything up by using a powder.

You can get these sheets of refreshment at Sephora and online at $10 for 100 sheets.

The rundown: A+ (pocket essential status)


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