NARS Eye Opening Act Inoubliable Coup d’Oeil’ Eyeshadow Palette is Cool Tones at a Glance

NARS Inoubliable Coup d’Oeil’ Eyeshadow Palette

NARS came out with a Nordstom exclusive collection and its called the “Eye Opening Act” which focuses on eyes (clearly). Inoubliable Coup d’Oeil’ is French for unforgettable glimpse or glance (thank you Google Translate). I have to say, that name is really beautiful to me for some reason, beauty at a glance. Its somehow very chic and mysterious.

swatches of Inoubliable Coup d’Oeil’

I am not a huge cool toned shadow gal but this one is really changing my mind. That warm peachy shimmer really looks amazing with the cool toned shades in the palette. The shades (swatched in order from the left) are Dalliance (soft grey), Pyla (muted olive), Sidi Bou Saïd (dark plum), Pandora (shimmery white), Luberon (shimmery peach) and, Pandora (matte black). The only shades I recognize here is Pandora, which is part of the permanent range sold as a duo.

a simple eye look

My favorite way to wear this palette is with the white Pandora under the brow, Luberon all over the lid, Dalliance in the crease, and Sidi Bou Saïd in the outer corner. I also wore this with Pyla all over the lid as a smokey eye and it was stunning! I loved it. The shadows are non-powdery, long wearing (no creasing over 9-10 hours with a primer), pigmented, and easily buildable. This is the classic NARS shadow formula that I have always loved. I get no fall out, even when using Pyla or Sidi Bou Saïd all over the lid.

wearing Inoubliable Coup d’Oeil’

I think the addition of the peach in this palette makes it much easier to wear if you are a warm toned shadow lover like me. I have really been loving the looks I get with this (Pyla is stunning) and the quality of the shadows is on par with NARS permanent shadows (which I love).

You can get this palette for a limited time at Nordstom and online for $48.

The rundown: A



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