Video of the Week – January Favorites

Hi guys! This month is a short favorites but I hope you still enjoy it. Please let me know what you have been loving! I always need products to add to my list 🙂

Watch here!


2 thoughts on “Video of the Week – January Favorites

  1. I love your faves!!! Really really good taste. For me this video seems to start in the middle though? You’re halfway through the Laguna at T=0.
    I adore that blanket scarf. I have one but haven’t figured out how to wear it; now I shall just sling it around my neck when I go hockeymomming LOL! I also still want that Love Glow blush!! I have Dolce Vita and Golden Goddess palettes and I would recommend the latter for you. I bought DV due to the hype but really, I don’t get on with that orangey brown shade at all. I think that GG would work well for everyone PLUS you already have loads of warm shadows as we’ve ascertained ;).
    BTW could you turn the sound up next time? I always have to have the sound up to maximum to hear you well (esp with the boys NEVER quiet over here!)


    1. Thank you so much for telling me! The begining of the video got cut out. Ill be fixing it tonight. Thanks for the suggestion on golden godess, im so excited to try it! I will try and get better about being loud, lol. Im clearly still a bit nervous since in real life I am SO loud.


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