Formula X Bonded 2U is Bonded Real Good

Formula X Bonded 2U

I have wanted to expand my Formula X polish collection but I didn’t want to buy colors I already have in another formula (looking at you OPI). When I saw Bonded 2U, a muted/grey purple, I needed it. Its such a unique color and I have nothing like it so I felt justified in the purchase.

Like in my previous experience with Formula X polishes (see last review here) this is on your nails for a good 5-7 days (when using the Formula X They System). This polish is true to its name, its bonded to you. I did smack my thumb and yes, this polish chipped. Lets be honest, any polish would if you rammed your clumsy self into your car door. Besides the car door incident, this guy has stayed put. No chipping for days.

I love the color. I mentioned it was unique and it really is. I love purple polishes but this one is especially wearable because of the strong grey undertones. Its like OPI You Don’t Know Jacques but with some purple.

You can get this polish at Sephora and online $10.50.

The rundown: A+




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