Charlotte Tilbury Cheek to Chic Swish and Pop Blush in Love Glow has my Wallet Running for the Hills

Charlotte Tilbury Cheek to Chic Swish and Pop Blush in Love Glow

Guys I caved. You know I have blush for days but for some crazed reason I just keep getting more. Couldn’t explain it if I tried.

Regardless, I decided to try a bit of Charlotte Tilbury cosmetics so of course I started with the blush (this is me were talking about). I grabbed the easy-pinky-pretty blush with a bit of shimmer. These shades are like plain pizza to me, if this blush looks great its likely all the others will be great too. Its a staple, basic color and if you can’t get this one right your’e pretty much done for. This is also how I feel about plain pizza (aka just cheese and tomato sauce), great pizza will taste great without all sorts of stuff piled on top, so you know its good if its good plain.

Love Glow Swatched on my NC/NW20 Skin


That got kinda in depth real quick. Anyway, (apparently I am in a rambly mood, whoops) this blush is a great everyday pink with some fine shimmer. I mean fine its like NARS shimmer went to finishing school and came back able to use all 4 forks and knives at the table correctly. Very sophisticated. The shimmer is gold, so the blush reads nice and warm on the skin which I prefer to cool (silvery/pink) shimmers.

Its really a great blush. Its beautifully pigmented, super creamy/finely milled/blendable (were just gonna roll those all together) and, lasts all day on my oily oily cheeks. Since the shimmer is ultra refined it looks just luminous and stunning on while not emphasizing pores or looking chunky/greasy. I usually blend the two colors in the compact (which is how I swatched and applied in the photo below) but if you use a brush like the Wayne Goss 02 you can use the Charlotte Tilbury technique (since its a smaller brush) of using the outer ring of color on the cheek bones and the color in the center as a pop on the apple of the cheek.

Wearing Love Glow on my Cheeks


Heres the deal, I’m hooked and have actually already ordered some more Charlotte Tilbury blushes so you’re going to be seeing quite a few more of these reviews in the future. This stuff is fabulous! You know me, since I love the formula its but a short time before I have all of these suckers.

You can get Charlotte Tilbury blushes on Beautylish and Nordstrom for $40 each (note CT blushes are $40 for 0.28oz while NARS blushes are $30 for 0.16oz, so per ounce these are actually cheaper than NARS blushes but still excellent quality).

The rundown: A+ (my wallet is in big trouble)




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