Something Different – A Picture Log of Barcelona, Lisbon and, Seville

This past holiday season I took a trip with my family to Spain and Portugal. We hit up Barcelona and Seville in Spain and Lisbon in Portugal. It was amazing and beautiful (I love to travel and have been lucky enough to travel extensively, I clock in at about 25 countries). I also am a bit of a picture taker, so sorry for all of these.

I was asked to put something together on my trip and I figured after my favorites you guys could take a day sans-makeup (maybe? let me know in the comments).

Barcelona – La Pedrera was one of my favorite sights in my favorite city on the trip. This is an apartment building built by the famous architect Antoni Gaudi who used nature to influence his work. He created statues on the roof to make necessary items beautiful (like a smoke stack) and the attic was heavily influenced by arches and fractals.

La Pedrera
Roof Decorations
A Smoke Stack
The Attic
How Gaudi designed buildings, he hung chains to create arches and then looked at the mirror image to see the final structure

Barcelona – La Sagrada Familia is a church designed by Gaudi. It is almost finished and has taken over 150 years to build. As someone who has been around this world, La Sagrada Familia is absolutely breathtaking and, awe inspiring in the most literal sense of the word. The inside is modeled off the structure of trees and the ceiling is designed to mimic the look of being under heavy tree cover.

still in work


the carvings over one of the entryways
the interior
stained glass light


the ceiling
more stained glass because its just beautiful….
the tree structure of the church, the trunks of pillars break off into branches to add space and light while providing structural support for the church

Barcelona – The last bits are a shot from the old city of Barcelona (gorgeous) which is home to one of the oldest Synagogues in Europe. And a bakery because it was just so delicious (om nom).

some old city of Barcelona style

Lisbon – One of the most famous sights in Lisbon is actually their tram system which has been operational since 1873 and is a staple of the city.

the tram

Lisbon – Sao Jorge Castle is a moorish castle which offers one of the best views of Lisbon. It has also been restored and nerdy tourists with camera phones can crawl all over it (aka me).

the view
all the view
a courtyard in the castle

Lisbon – A romanesque cathedral gives some new time perspectives (architecturally) to this picture montage. The Se Cathedral is both beautiful and stately. Plus you could pay to write part of the bible out front, nifty.

Se Cathedral

Lisbon – Torre de Belem was built to protect Lisbon as it sits at the mouth of the large river entering the city. Lisbon was a great naval power back in the 1300-1400s’ and they have a monument to the great sea explorers of the time right next to their fortification against sea invasion.

Torre de Belem (the defense)
the monument to the explorers, with the explorers carved in!

Portugal – The wild coast of Portugal is truly beautiful. It also has the most eastern point in Europe. The large rock off the coast is said to have been a bear that disobeyed the gods and was turned to stone.

the most easter point/coast of Europe
hey Atlantic! 

Seville – Some modern touches. This is the mushroom which was built out of wood as a way to make an empty square into something beautiful. You can go up into the structure for a great view of Seville.

mushroom = art …. right?

Seville – La Grialda is a gothic cathedral with a moorish tower (the Moors were big in Spain since its so darn close to northern Africa). Gorgeous, you gotta love the church options in Europe. America just doesn’t stack up.

La Grialda
From close up, the orange trees were everywhere! It was stunning.

Seville – Plaza de Espana is a gorgeous building built for an exhibition (much like the Eiffel Tower). It has tile work depicting all the regions and cities of Spain around its exterior.


you could take canoes around the building in its moat

Lisbon – More noms come in the form of one of the best ice cream stores in all of Europe. Be sure to hit up Bolas if your in town. The lovely old man who works there is the owner and makes the ice creams from all natural ingredients.

Bolas NOMS 🙂

Lisbon – For some reason the tiny doors in giant doors just got me. I loved it. They were everywhere in the small winding streets of Lisbon’s old city.

doors IN doors!

Tarifa – A 2 1/2 hour car ride from Seville is the southernmost point of mainland Europe from which you can see Morocco (Spain and Portugal are great for the extreme X points of Europe trip and yes, my dad and I are into that kind of thing :P).

oh hi Morocco
catch a wave in the Straight of Gibraltar

That sums up my trip (minus the long flights) please let me know if you enjoyed this post! I am a huge travel girl so if you have any questions about trips or Spain/Portugal let me know in the comments! Where do you want to go on trip? Inquiring minds want to know 🙂

























2 thoughts on “Something Different – A Picture Log of Barcelona, Lisbon and, Seville

  1. Soooo excited to see this post, thanks for doing it :D!!!! Your pictures are absolutely gorgeous, you have a wonderful eye. You also seem to have had great weather; when we were at Gibraltar it was way too foggy to see Africa!!
    I have been to Barcelona too; I also loved the wealth of architecture, the Picasso museum, the park, the Latin Quarter. I didn’t know about the Synagogue though.
    And that mushroom thing did not exist when I was in Seville 10 years ago!!! LOLOL.
    Lisbon is still on my bucket list and your pictures are soooo tempting. We have been to the Algarve only, and while that is wonderful for sun deprived North Western Europe dwellers, I want to experience more of the culture and history of this beautiful, friendly and oh so tasty (yummy food!!) country.

    So my travel goals for the near future…I want to go to NYC since I have never been!!! I am going to Arctic Finland for a conference and some cross-country skiing in March and to South Africa, where I am from, in May. We’ll see this summer. Lisbon and Porto :D?

    Seeing you’re a travel nerd, you need to go to South Africa for the point where the Indian and Atlantic Oceans meet, for the southernmost and the south-westernmost points of Africa :D. And for awesomely varied nature, lots of culture and FOOD!!!


    1. Thank you Bella!!

      I hope you make it NYC, I love it there so much. I’m from Boston which is only a 3 hour drive away so I used to go all the time. Arctic Finland sounds like it will be beautiful! I hope you have a great time.

      Your’e from South Africa!? My dad grew up in Cape Town! I’ve been to Cape Town a bunch to see my family there. Its one of my favorite places (not that I’m biased). Small world 🙂


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