Gucci Premier Perfume is my Go-To Scent

Gucci Premier Eau De Parfum

I have been wearing Gucci Premier for about a year now and, I have mentioned it off-hand a few times but I wanted to give a more in depth review.

Lets start with the advertised notes and jazz. The notes are bergamot, orange blossom, white flower, musk, leather and, wood.  Its a very masculine scent in that it has a lot of musk and woody tones to it. Its also very warm and full bodied and, I like how its bit of a masculine scent.

Its definitely not for everyone, but it is my daily scent. It brings me so much confidence in the morning. Its strong and bolstering. Its also sexy and glamorous. I find it lasts really well on my skin, it isn’t one of those scents that disappears part way through the day. I can still smell this on myself after a regular 8 hour work day, its great.

I hope this post made some sense, its my first review of a scent and I wan’t sure how to convey how this comes across to me. You can get this perfume at Sephora for $67 for 1oz.

The rundown: A+



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