Fall Polish Colors

the shades

When Fall and Winter come around I pull out my absolute favorite nail polish colors. Not only is this season the best for makeup colors, but nail polish is also in its prime.

Were going to go by color category, but within each lighter and darker options work.

Dark Teal – OPI came out with a shade called Ski Teal You Drop recently that is a great dark grey teal that is just a perfect dark color for the winter. Its a blue, so its something different but its muted, so it works for everyday.

Purples – I love purple polish and I wear it al year round but now is the time for all my dark shades. My friends used to (maybe still do) call OPI Lincoln Park After Dark my pissed-off-purple shade since that is when I used to wear it. Now I wear it during the winter, oh how the times have changed.

Red/Burgundy – The classic winter shades and for a darn good reason. OPI’s Bastille My Heart is one of my favorites.

Grey/Taupe – This is another all year round shade for me, but I always pull them out more during the winter. Try You Don’t Know Jaques by OPI, its a classic.

Cream – My all time favorite cream/nude shade is Formula X Marvelous. It is so good and, nudes are great during the holidays when you need a nail color to go with a myriad of party outfits.




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