Holiday Gift Guide

I know this guide is a bit late to guide game, but I wanted to give a few suggestions. Don’t worry it’ll be short and sweet.

I find that the best gifts are ones that pamper, since you really are looking to show someone that they are special to you. With that in mind, I always go for spa like kits. Lush and Fresh are my favorite brands for that kind of thing. If you like Fresh (or the person you need a gift for does) check out this kit. Its a set of the sugar scrubs (face and body) and a Sugar lip balm. For Lush I love rose scented everything they do and, this kit has it all.

If your gift receiver is a hair person I am loving the kits that Bumble and bumble have out this year. They have sets for all different hair types (all of which are great) but I love their surf line, which is perfect for everyone. Check the kit out here.

If you have yourself a full blown makeup lover, I am entranced by the holiday Charlotte Tilbury palette (you can get it from Beautylish here).


For the guys in your life I am all about hats, scarves and gloves since they always fit. Nordstrom has a great selection. You can also get something to do with your guys hobbies. Like my boyfriend loves cooking so one year I got him a pasta maker. But you know, adjust accordingly.

If all else fails gift cards from Sephora and Nordstrom are always well received and used.

Happy holidays!

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