YSL Couture Palette – Wild Edition is Roaringly Fabulous

the drool worthy packaging

I got this palette since I loved my YSL eyeshadow palette in 04 so much, this palette has the same new formula and the shades are the ones from the permanent 02 palette (which I really wanted anyway) but in this snappy packaging. While the packaging is amazingly stunning, its whats inside that counts.

YSL Couture Palette – Wild Edition/Couture 02

The new YSL eyeshadow formula is so fantastic. I loved my 04 palette (you can find that review here) and this one performs just as well. These shades are deeper and have a more satin finish overall. Quick overview of the quality – very smooth, creamy, pigmented, long wearing shadows with very little to no fall out. These colors are amazing and pair very well with the 04 palette (in case you have both like my crazy self).

YSL Couture Palette Wild Edition/Couture 02 Palette swatches from the left are the palette swatched counter clockwise with the center shade last

The fist white/highlight shade actually has very fine glitter, which I like to call “high end glitter” since it doesn’t look disco or over the top but adds some classy flair. I got no fall out with this color and, applied to the inner corner it gives a wet look (which I absolutely love). The medium brown in this palette is nice and warm, its a good satin finish too so you can get some dimension. Now shades start getting just a touch repetitive. You have two darker browns, one cooler and one warmer. Both are great and, I like the variety, but I would have preferred to just have one and maybe have another lid shade in here (just a thought). Again, great satin textures here (a bit more sheen/shimmer to these than the medium brown though). Lastly you have a nice soft black. I prefer a soft black like this to use as a shadow, since it will smoke out more easily. Deep black shadows are great for setting liner, but they can get tricky and messy when you’re doing a smokey look.

wearing YSL Couture Palette – Wild Edition on my eyes (also known as Couture Palette 02)

I love this palette for everyday but I think it will really shine when you use it for a smokey look. The great formula will make it easy and that warm mid-tone brown will keep you from looking like you were punched in the eye. I will say this really reminds me of the Urban Decay Pulp Fiction Palette (review and swatches of mine here for reference). I find this formula to be smoother and the UD palette doesn’t have that killer glitter shade, but its also only $16 right now (sale people!!). I also used this palette in my latest video, so if you want to see some of the shades in action, click here (the video is for the look I have on in the picture above).

a better angle so you can see the sheen/shimmer in some of the shades

I really love this palette, its a great performing quint in shades I can use everyday (or take to night). Its a winner in my book and, if you love the new YSL formula (and who can blame you, its fabulous) this one is a great option.

You can get this palette at YSL counters, online and at Sephora for $60. The packaging is limited edition, but the shades are permanent (just grab Couture Palette 02).

The rundown: A+



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