NARS Virtual Domination Cheek Palette

the packaging

I picked up the NARS Virtual Domination Cheek palette because it has two of the blushes from this past spring collection, which I absolutely loved. Since the blush shades are no longer available, having them in this palette was perfect.

Clockwise from the top left: Miss Liberty Highlighter, Deep Throat Blush, Laguna Bronzer, Final Cut Blush and, Sex Fantasy Blush

I also love Deep Throat (its one of my favorite permanent shades) and Laguna is one of my go-to bronzers (its gorgeous). I’m not a huge fan of Miss Liberty (I prefer Albatross) since it has some glitter and I am not a huge glitter girl. But if applied to only a very small area of the face (very upper cheekbones, far away from my pores) it works.

swatches from the left: Miss Liberty Highlighter, Deep Throat Blush, Laguna Bronzer, Sex Fantasy Blush and, Final Cut Blush

I find all the colors in this palette crazy pigmented. It really impressed me off the get go. The colors also blend and buff beautifully, which I really needed after all that pigment on my brush (eep). The two matte shades, Sex Fantasy (lavender) and Final Cut (peach) are powdery. But they still look great on. Deep Throat was not powdery at all and, the pigment level was pretty fantastic.

wearing Deep Throat

The colors lasted all day, all three of the blush shades. Laguna is a great bronzer that I own separately (since its amazing). Laguna in this palette is great, I found it has very comparable pigment and lasting power to the full size. I love that Laguna is a bigger pan in this palette. In last years holiday palette Laguna was in a little pan like the blushes, and since I use way more bronzer than blush daily, I prefer it in this bigger pan.

wearing Sex Fantasy blush

Deep Throat and Final Cut come off on the skin just like you see them in the pan. The first is a gorgeous shimmery peachy/pink and the second is a soft matte peach. The real surprise is Sex Fantasy. It warms up on the skin. It doesn’t look chalky or even purple. I’m thinking this is the kind of shade that will look different on everyone, its gorgeous and my favorite shade in this palette.

wearing Final Cut blush

I really love this palette. Laguna is a larger pan and that there are two matte blushes (I love matte blushes) and those two features are big for me. I also love that you have a good range of shades from pinky tones to peach. I think if you enjoy the NARS formula and want a nice do-it-all palette, this could be for you this holiday season.

You can get this palette exclusively at Sephora and online for $65.

The rundown: A



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